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Thanks for enjoying Astrogirl's Celebrity Report! Whilst we are no longer updating this page on a monthly basis, please return again for our new interesting Horoscope Zodiac information section with Celebrity insights by Astrogirl- coming soon!

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March celebrates Pisces, the ethereal sign ruled by dreamster Neptune. And looking at our list below of celeb Pisces, it does seem like there are some rather dreamy characters amongst them…

• Drew Barrymore
•Justin Beiber
• Cindy Crawford
• Seal
• Emily Blunt
• Billy Zane
• Ke$ha
• Madden twins
• Carrie Underwood
• Chris Martin
• Chaz Bono
• Rihanna (cusper)
• Javier Bardem
• Bryce Dallas Howard
• Whitney Port
• Jon Hamm
• Kelsey Grammer
• Kevin Connelly
• Rachel Weisz
• Kat Von D
• Ashley Greene
• Dakota Fanning
• Erykah Badu
• Ivana Trump
• Olivia Palermo

Hi Starmates,

As I sit here and write this March celeb update, I have the Academy Awards on – watching the red carpet arrivals on Hollywood & Highland which is 10 minutes drive from my front door. Helicopters fly overhead and the traffic is worse than ever! Predictions are flying but it’s difficult to pick the winners astrologically as the votes are voted on at all different times and the movies come out at all different times.

‘The Artist’ – the silent movie – is getting a lot of praise as is ‘the Help’. Then there’s always the Descendants with crowd pleaser Taurus George Clooney and his tall latest girlfriend Stacey Keibler – a Libra. Both ruled by Venus, these two seem really happy together and despite the height difference, they work the red carpet.

Aussie Rose Byrne July 24 Leo (so just a Leo) and same birthday as J Lo looks amazing in black Vivienne Westwood – best dressed nominee! So happy for her with her new bob and look. There are so many new faces on the red carpet – Jessica Chastain (Aries red head) and the girls from the Descendants are all glowing. It’s live on TV here in LA so I get to see who wins when they actually win!

Aside from the Academy Awards, there are some other things to discuss. First off the very sad and sudden passing of Leo Whitney Houston a few weeks ago. There was a Full Moon in Leo February 7 and then right before the Grammy’s on the 18th, Whitney was found dead in the bath. Toxicology reports aren’t back as yet, so no one can really say what caused the pop sensation to die. She leaves behind a teenager daughter, Bobbi Kristina – a March 3 Pisces – has a lot of growing up to do and also, she needs to try to defeat her genetics of her parents ’ Aquarius Bobby Brown and Leo Whitney – both of whom have addictive personalities. Already there is talk about getting her into rehab and she has had some slip ups already.

A shock separation in Hollywood with Seal and his Gemini wife Heidi Klum splitting after a long marriage/relationship and 4 kids together. Apparently according to gossip and innuendo, Seal has quite the temper on him and Heidi didn’t want the kids growing up with all the fighting. All very sad and for a time there it was rumoured that they would reconcile. However both have rings off and are living on different continents, so that doesn’t look like it will happen. Lleyton Hewitt and Kim Clistjers were the same match and while they didn’t get to the altar, their split shocked a nation. It’s not an easy match at all.

Libra Avril Lavigne and Hollywood ‘it boy’ Leo Brody Jenner seemed very happy and together at Kim Kardashian’s short lived wedding however they announced their split a month or so again. I have a feeling we haven’t heard the end of these two. And unfortunately we haven’t heard the end of Rihanna and Taurus bully boy Chris Brown. They’re recorded 2 racy songs together and while Chris has a live in girlfriend, that hasn’t stopped the chatter and tweeting between these two. Surely she won’t go back with him? I understand first love and all that, but it will seriously affect her status as a celebrity is she goes back to an abusive relationship.

Kelsey Grammer is having twins with his new young wife Kayte – who had a miscarriage earlier in their relationship. He continues to go through a vicious divorce with cast aside wife Virgo Camille Grammer (who has a new boy–toy – Greek and gorgeous!). In true Pisces fashion, Kelsey is in love with love and falls in and out of love quickly. He didn’t handle the separation from Camille well at all and we got to see more of her side of it as she is on ‘Beverly Hills Housewives’ every week here.

Kat Von D is nursing a broken heart and very bruised ego after her on again off again fiancé Aries Jesse James got caught out there again cheating on her. At last count he had slept with 19 women who weren’t Kat…Sandra Bullock must have smiled when she heard that!

Justin Beiber and his galpal Cancer Selena Gomez continue to love each other and lavish each other with lavish gifts. Justin talks about being a young father and marrying young so don’t be surprised if he pops the question sometime in 2012.

In other celeb news…Sagittarius Christina Aguilera continues to look like one hot mess – make up and lipstick smeared all over her face and bloated and boozy looking. She has way too much weight on her tiny frame and as much as she says she ‘embraces her curves, she doesn’t wear the extra weight that well. Her show ‘The Voice’ is doing really well and she seems happy enough…but pics of her falling out of clubs at 4am tell another story.

Britney Spears has been quiet since announcing her engagement last year to fellow Sag Jason Trawick. Hopefully this time around she is really growing up and able to behave herself and take back her financial life and not be under the guardianship of her dad. Pictures of her look better but her hair still has tracks showing and her feet always look dirty…’you can take the girl out of the boonies but you can’t take the boonies out of the girl’…

Onto the Oscars with Pisces host Billy Crystal in the hot spot…Michelle Williams looking amazing, Stacey Keibler towering over George, Brangelina looking like US royalty…have to get back to the telecast…

Cosmic well wishes,



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