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Thanks for enjoying Astrogirl's Celebrity Report! Whilst we are no longer updating this page on a monthly basis, please return again for our new interesting Horoscope Zodiac information section with Celebrity insights by Astrogirl- coming soon!

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First of all we have to talk about Tom Cruise and new lady love Katie Holmes, a relationship that sprung up out of nowhere and is taking the world by storm.

Tom – July 3, 1962, born in Syracuse NY – Sun in Cancer with Moon in Leo, Mercury in Gemini, Venus in Leo and Mars in Taurus.

Katie – December 18, 1978 – Toledo, Ohio - - Sun Sagittarius, Moon in Leo, Mercury in Sagittarius, Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Capricorn

Both have Moon in Leo – they are proud and love to be in love – think with their heart and act on those feelings. Secondly, Mercury in Gemini (tom) and Mercury in Sag (Katie) works well. They should have great dialogue and be able to laugh at the same things type thing. Venus in Leo means Tom longs to be a father – a natural father and with Katie’s Venus in Scorpio, she has a very sexual side that could definitely work for Tom – plus their Mars placements are every compatible –despite the fact that she’s a Sag and he’s a Cancer – not exactly a cosmic match made in heaven, the rest of their chart is very good and I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear more about their relationship, despite their age difference and the fact that this relationship has come out of nowhere. Remember, just because the Sun signs aren’t compatible doesn’t mean that the rest of their chart isn’t and in this case, this is the case – they have great charts together.

Planet spotting in June 2005

  • New Moon in Gemini – June 7 @ 7.55 a.m.
  • Full Moon in Capricorn – June 22 @ 2.13 p.m.
  • Sun in Gemini through June 22, then moves into Cancer
  • Jupiter, the planet of lucky breaks and growth moves direct in Libra June 5-Oct 27
  • Venus, planet of love in Cancer all month
  • Mercury, king of all media and communication in Gemini through June 12, then Cancer
  • Mars in Pisces through June 13 then moves into Aries through July 29
  • Uranus retrogrades in Pisces June 15 through November 16

June – what are those Gemini celebs up to?

Geminis are some of the kookiest, misunderstood, hard to read and unpredictable signs in the zodiac. Celeb Geminis include the Olsen twins, Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman, Paula Abdul, Johnny Depp, Donald Trump, Natalie Portman, Kylie Minogue, Liam Neeson, Noel Gallagher, Stevie Nicks, Mark Wahlberg, Kim Clijsters, Liz Hurley, Boy George, Courteney Cox, Naomi Campbell, Brooke Shields, Jewel, Priscilla Presley, Anne Heche, Lenny Kravitz, Colin Farrell, Melissa Etheridege…get the drift?

June 2005 is a month pretty much devoted to the fire and air signs of the zodiac, fire being Aries, Leo & Sagittarius, Air being Geminis, Librans and Aquarians. For the fire signs, the movement of Mars, the planet of fire and brimstone into Aries June 13 – July 29 is huge cosmic bonus! If there is such a thing as a cosmic kick up the butt, this is it. And for the air signs, the direct movement of Jupiter, the biggest and boldest planet in the zodiac into Libra June 5 is sure to kickstart a whole lot of something for each and every one of the air signs.

We’ve already chatted about Tom & Katie. He is acting like a goofy kid in love, she the shy schoolgirl. Both of them are extremely immature and childish – largely due to her Mercury in Sagittarius and his Mercury in Gemini. They giggle, they flirt with each other – it’s kinda cute. And as much as people are laughing about it and saying it’s a publicity stunt, why does Tom Cruise need any more publicity? Stay tuned to your AstroGirl cosmic dial for more info on this fascinating couple.

Second cosmic couple to dissect and discuss are Gemini Angelina Jolie and her supposed amore Sagittarius Brad Pitt, who has just filed for divorce from Aquarius wife Jennifer Aniston. Both Brad and Jen are in for an eye opening June and don’t be surprised if Jen is spotted out and about with a new man on her arm. It could even be Gemini cutie Colin Farrell – who has been quiet of late and surely needs some lovin?

The whole Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt ‘thing’ ash been quiet of late – but we are sure to see things heat up in June, with so much in your face air and fire energy and with the direct movement of Jupiter, the planet of lucky breaks and opportunity June 5. IF Angelina and Sagittarius Brad are an item, some very lucky photographer (probably a Libra) will get the opportunity of a lifetime to get them kissing or at least together and the whole world will know that their relationship is for real.

The Olsen twins…Mary Kate and Ashley. They look identical but have completely different things going on. Mary Kate still looks as if she is suffering from anorexia and battling her demons, while Ashley enjoys a red hot romance with Scott Sartiano – a much older NYC restaurant and nightclub impresario. The New Moon in Gemini June 7 alongside the Sun and Mercury in Gemini and the forward movement of Jupiter in Gemini’s romance zone will push a lot of things to the foreground for the Olsens. June is a time when a lot of important decisions need to be made and if Mary Kate is going back to rehab – this is the time for her to do it.

Kylie Minogue will get a lot of love and support in June – just what the cosmic doctor ordered. Her love life will bloom too and Olivier could pop the question this month and make her feel happier than she has in a long time. If anyone can come out of this crisis with breast cancer, it’s Kylie – who has a great chart, a strong chart and who won’t let herself feel emotionally overwhelmed by the illness. Geminis are good at rationalizing things and not getting too caught up in the ‘why me’ scenario that other signs allow themselves to wallow in. I am beaming you my Aries strength and power, my thoughts and hopes for a speedy recovery are with you Kylie, as I am sure are your hundreds of thousands of fans too.

Nicole Kidman has been quiet of late – is she still dating Stephen Bing? If so, she is doing on the downlow. Not like her ex Tom Cruise who has been talking up his love life to anyone and everyone lately. Bing dated another Gemini, Liz Hurley and we know what happened there…drama! He’s an Aries (March 31, 1965) and like the typical Aries man, has a tendency to do things without thinking through the consequences. He will be particularly passionate and motivated once Mars moves into his sign mid-June, and could ask Nicole to marry him when she least expects it (or announce it to the world – even though he’s usually pretty media shy). Nicole herself is in the mood for romance – so if Bing isn’t interested, she will look elsewhere. While an Aries is a great match for her, Libra is her ultimate soul mate connection.

Speaking of soul mates, Liz Hurley seems happy with her Indian man and seeing as she turns 40 this year (June 10), it’s time for her to have another child – something she has publicly said she wants to do – a brother for Damien Bing. So Liz, if you read this, June is a great month for you to get pregnant – with so much planetary play in your sign and with Mars activating your 11th house of hopes, dreams and wishes. Also a romantic month, so start engagement ring shopping now!

Paula Abdul has been through the rumor mill lately – taking pills, being spaced out on American Idol, sleeping with the contestants (Justin Gaurini & Corey Clarke) – if I had to make a bet, I am sure she did sleep with these boys – Geminis don’t ever look or feel their age and don’t get emotionally involved with their bedmates, plus she had the power to get them into her bed in the first place. I don’t think anything will come of the accusations – Geminis usually talk their way out of everything and anything.

So June is sure to be a month when a lot of celebs come out of hiding – we could find out the reasons why Aquarius Denise Richards kicked Virgo hubby Charlie Sheen to the curb. Remember, ‘loose lips sink ships’ – keep watching this cosmic space people!!

AstroGirl signing off …check in weekly for your star readings…

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