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   AstroGirl's 2013 Yearly Horoscope Outlook!

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Our great friend and brilliant astrologer AstroGirl has looked into the stars to see what 2013 has in store for you!

AstroGirl's cosmic overview for 2013... the good, the bad and the ugly...


(April 21 Ė May 21)
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Singles: Saturn the planet of focus and discipline spends 2013 in your relationship zone. April 25 a lunar eclipse in the same part of your chart along with Venus your ruler, the planet of luv in your sign April 16-May 10 is the catalyst for many of you deciding itís time for monogamy and a relationship. Scorpios are your best match ups this year and they will be as devoted to making the partnership work as you are. Your New Moon May 9 starts off your cosmic year and could also be the time when you and your partner make things official. June, August and November are romantic months for those still looking.

Couples: Strong relationships benefit from Saturn in your relationship zone. Saturn here can bring marriage to a soul mate, but also reluctance to commit if things arenít right. If youíre in a long-term relationship yet shying away from making things permanent, ask yourself why. Jupiter moves into your social zone late June and many of you will feel more inclined to mix and mingle, which could lead you to realize that going it alone isnít so bad (or that your partner is the best man on earth!). Undecided? Donít be too hasty about breaking up before the solar eclipse in your relationship zone November 3. You will feel much clearer by the end of November.


Uranus the planet that likes to mix it up and throw surprises in your path spends 2013 in your career and ambitions zone. January is a month when many of you could finally see a pay rise or promotion come your way and a New Moon February 10 is a great day to shop your C.V. around for those of you looking for something new. Mercury and Mars in your sign in May give you the added energy and chutzpah needed to discuss your options with our boss and coworkers if you feel stale in your current job. Youíll be pushed to the max work wise in September and October and a silly misunderstanding could have some of you quitting on the spot. A very un-Taurus like move but a much needed one.


Jupiter, the planet of opportunity and expansion spends the first half of 2013 in your cash flow zone. Watch that you donít overly indulge at the shops in April and work up a new budget in May when you realize youíre spending more than youíre making. Coupled up bulls finances are tightly interwoven with their partners this year. Make sure you have a nest egg stashed somewhere for emergencies. Money flows in your direction in November and December is set to be one of the best months of the year for you financially. If you are paying off debts, try to pay more than just the minimum to cut down on interest payments.


Youíre one of the homebodies of the zodiac and if you do venture out on a holiday, you like to do it in five star style. Once Jupiter sets up shop in your short trips zone the second half of 2013 is a great time to see what Australia has to offer. All those nearby places on your bucket list can start being checked off one by one. For the more adventurous bulls, November is the perfect month to set forth on that big Boeing!

Lucky 2013 day: May 9 Ė your New Moon day

Lucky 2013 month: November

By AstroGirl

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