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May Horoscope for Libra
Always wanted to go bungee jumping or stand up paddling? Or put yourself out there on an online dating site or go on a casting for something? You’ll be especially drawn to giving it a real shot this month. May 11 and 12, serious Stern and generous, lucky Jupiter will combine forces to provide you with a safety net that’s the best of all astrological worlds.
The Full Moon May 10 will occur in privacy loving and often secretive Scorpio, which just so happens to be your solar house of money, self-worth and self-esteem. This bright light will illuminate this area of life, so there’ll be no more hiding. You could hear something now that will convince you that your antennae as keen as ever.

You're usually the very soul of discretion, charm and tact Librans and people trust in your secrecy and understanding. However May 19 you might shock yourself and others when solid, stoic Saturn and rebellious Uranus will form an easy trine aspect and suddenly, regardless of what the question might be or the possible reaction of the person who asked it - your bluntness will know no bounds. Raised eyebrow...you bet!

YOUR BEST MAY DAYS: 9, 11, 18 & 30
YOUR WORST MAY DAYS: 5, 10, 19 & 25

By AstroGirl
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