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April Horoscope for Pisces
Whatever it is you’ve been hoping to do lately Pisces, make some time for it. Whether it’s fishing, napping, binge–watching Netflix or bungee jumping, it’s your turn to be hedonistic. Throw yourself into the project wholeheartedly – just for a little while, though. As much as you like living a hedonistic lifestyle, you do have to go to work, make money, pay bills, etc. at some point.
If you need to have a serious chat about finances Pisces, try to arrange if for April 16 or 17. Whether it’s an elder, a higher–up or an authority figure, the heavens will be happy to help you make the best impression possible. If you’re ready to sit down and have your paperwork in order, wait until after Venus moves direct in your sign (April 15) and get things sorted out once Venus moves forward in your 2nd house of money – April 29 – June 7.

April 8 could be a tricky date for you and a difficult time to navigate Pisces. Two potentially nasty squares will form that day, putting money and relationships in the spotlight. If you and someone close to you are on the brink of a full out war of words regarding money and how it’s spent and respected (or not respected), this is the time words will fly. If you’ve been doing more than your share and you’re over it, this is your chance to make a break for it, take control and stop yourself from being used or taken advantage of. This needs to happen Pisces. Get out of your own way.

Your shiny April days: 6, 15, 17 & 24
Your dull April days: 4, 7, 9 & 21

Friends: Other Pisces & Taurus
Frenemies: Libra & Leos
By AstroGirl
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