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April Horoscope for Virgo
Sitting still and waiting for things to happen has never been your cosmic cup of tea Virgos but with loving Venus moving retrograde through Pisces, your one on one relationship zone, someone you know and love may be able to talk you into a relaxing afternoon of catching up. Why resist? When was the last time you gave yourself permission to stop fixing, caretaking and planning? It’s official Virgos – you need to take some time off this month.
If you’ve been overdoing the shopping and burning the plastic lately, the Universe is about to arrange a wake–up call in that department Virgos. On April 10 the Full Moon will illuminate your solar 2nd house of money matters, and a statement or unexpected bill will most definitely open your eyes and could give you a start. Don’t’ panic. It’s one day and it’s one bill! Relax – you can fix this.

Two testy squares will make it tough for you to resist getting into an argument around April 7 or 8 but think before you do. Your words will carry more weight than they usually do, so if you’re at all angry, you may say something that will have permanent repercussions. Instead of having a showdown, put some distance between you instead.

Your shiny April days: 12, 16, 24 & 27
Your dull April days: 7, 9, 20 & 30

Friends: Capricorns and Pisces
Frenemies: Aries and Leos
By AstroGirl
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