Significant Value of Astrological Houses in Your Horoscope Part 1

In astrology, a natal chart, also called a horoscope, birth chart, radix, geniture and genethliac chart, among others, is a stylized map of the universeSolar Return and Its Ascending Signs with the individual (subject to be studied) at the center. The chart is used to reveal the positions of the sun, moon, planets, and potentially other celestial objects, all referred to as the individual’s “planets,” within the frames of references defined by the astrological signs and houses.

Horoscopes have always been an intriguing element in astrology as popular media like newspapers and magazines since provide free horoscopes to their readers.

The Astrological Houses

Arranged on a circle-shaped chart, or wheel, the 12 Astrological Houses symbolize all the different spheres that make up human life, described in terms of physical surroundings as well as personal life experiences.

First set out by the Babylonians, the 12 Astrological Houses were numbered from the east downward under the horizon, and represented areas of life on the following pattern with their areas of influence.

The Astrological Houses and Planets

The planets are said to have exerted a great deal of energy in the house in which they are physically located in the birth chart. And this energy is directed toward the function of the house. However, one should take note that these houses are not “energies” like the planets but they are where these energies are most likely to manifest the home of the action in the horoscope. They are the fields of experience, not the experience themselves. Thus, having several planets in one house could mean very complex entanglements in that house and are often more significant in the life.

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