Quick Life, Love Insights Using Ordinary Playing Cards

Quick Life, Love Insights Using Ordinary Playing Cards

If you cannot talk to a friend to get help about your life, then consult the cards. Even an ordinary deck of playing cards can be used to reveal many things—from your current thoughts, goals and love life, to your past, current, and future influences in life. The good thing is, this practice is still called genuine cartomancy or fortune telling with cards, which has become more common since the late 20th century when cartomancers started using ordinary card decks in their reading.

Different kinds of playing card reading

In playing card reading, the cartomancer uses a regular 52-card deck. This deck is shuffled as the reader focuses on the seeker’s question, then the reader lays out the specific spread for the type of reading required. In a traditional reading, the seeker and the reader meet at a location suited for the activity.

Enter the internet and a new method of fortune telling by cards emerges. Email reading is a more convenient way for both the seeker and the reader, as it leaves a record of the reading for the former and allows for a more comfortable generation of interpretations for the latter. But the best advantage of doing playing card reading via email is that it makes requesting and giving the following readings hassle-free:

  • Overview Reading – With one Significator card representing the seeker’s question, this reading uses other 7 cards to complete the spread. Each of the drawn cards represents a part of the seeker’s life: 1 and 5 as the recent past and present; 2 as the seeker’s thought; 3 and 6 as the near future; and 5 as the seeker’s dreaded object or circumstance.

  • Romantic Relationship Reading – This is suitable for someone who is eyeing another person as a partner. This reading uses 11 cards that can provide insights about many mutually relevant aspects of the would-be or current relationship: their views, impressions, feelings, and intentions on or for each other; how each can improve the relationship; and its possible outcome.
  • Greater Star Reading – This comprehensive reading summarizes a person’s life using 14 cards. The cards, arranged star-like on the table, can explain the following: circumstances and influences in the present, past, and future; overall methods in life; short-term and long-term goals; and the events in the previous and coming 12 months.

Inisghtful Playing Card ReadingsPlaying card reading from UPG

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