Universal Psychic Guild Lays Their Cards on the Table with the Greater Star Reading

Universal Psychic Guild Lays Their Cards on the Table with the Greater Star Reading

Cartomancy is one of the oldest and most common forms of psychic reading that has retained its popularity through the years. Fortune tellers both old and new have relied on a deck of playing cards to uncover the secrets of the future.

Universal Psychic Guild leverages the “Wheel of Fortune”, the most common type of cartomancy, to bring you a personal playing card reading that relates to your current sentiment and circumstances. The Greater Star Reading analyses the meaning of each playing card according to what’s around you, what can influence your situation, and important life events that occurred in the past. It is an in-depth reading that is approximately 750 words long. Using 14 playing cards, its name comes from the star shape formed by the card spread when laid on the table.

Universal Psychic Guild is offering the Greater Star Reading at a 40% discount for the whole month of March. Take advantage of this month-long promo and get your reading for only $29.95! Promo is valid from 1-31 March 2016.

Universal Psychic Guild is also offering the following services at discounted prices as weekly promos for March 2016:

  • Friendship Report (Week 1 Promo)
    Approximately 15-20 pages, this report analyses the non-romantic relationship between two people to discover the most significant issues of their relationship.

  • Overview Playing Card Readings (Week 2 Promo)
    This reading is form of cartomancy wherein a standard deck of playing cards is laid out in a pattern referred to as the greater star spread. This in-depth reading is ideal for determining what the future has in store.

  • Cosmo Natal Report (Week 3 Promo)
    Approximately 10-15 pages, this presents an interpretation of the birth chart with the objective of providing a comprehensive analysis of an individual.

  • Major Life Themes Report (Week 4 Promo)
    Approximately 5 pages, this provides a brief assessment of your cosmic patterns at the time of your birth using major themes found in the birth chart.

For an accurate online cartomancy reading, check out the astrology website’s list of live psychics who perform overview reading, romantic relationship reading, and greater star reading. First-time callers can also take advantage of their 10 for 10 promo, where they can get psychic readings via phone for only $10 for the first 10 minutes. Callers will be charged a special discounted rate for the rest of the call. Universal Psychic Guild offers daily, weekly, and monthly horoscope forecasts for those looking for regular updates.

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