Dreams: 15 Things You Didn’t Know

Dreams: 15 Things You Didn’t Know

What are dreams all about? Mysterious, terrifying, and often eye-opening, they are a window to a person’s deepest secrets, fears, and desires. As secretive as they are, they can also reveal a lot about  a person’s life. It’s hard to imagine life without dreams, so much so, that they have become a natural part of life. Without dreams, life would be without meaning because people wouldn’t have anything to aspire to. Be it a simple fantasy or an ideal you wish to achieve, dreams are an alternative world that helps you adjust and cope to the waking world.

Below are 15 FUN FACTS about DREAMS you probably didn’t know.

  1. Mesopotamians believed that the soul exited the body during dreams and actually visited the places and saw the persons in the dream.
  2. Ancient Egyptian civilizations revered those who experienced vivid dreams because they considered these people blessed and special.
  3. To decipher the hidden messages of their dreams, people in the Chinese province of Fu-Kein slept on the graves of their ancestors to ask for assistance.
  4. A typical person dreams for a total of about six years in an entire lifetime. During a full 8-hour sleep, two hours are spent dreaming each night.
  5. A person does not only have one dream per night. In fact, one can have between three to seven dreams in one night; on average, a person can have a total of 1,460 dreams in a year.
  6. Babies have the most dreams. Studies show that approximately 80% of neonatal and newborn sleep time is spent dreaming.
  7. Within five minutes of waking up, you will have forgotten half of your dreams; within 10 minutes, you will have forgotten 90% of them.
  8. It is scientifically proven that people remember their dreams more if they are awakened in the middle of a dream or during REM sleep.
  9. While most people dream in colour, there are 12% of sighted people who dream exclusively in black and white.
  10. In both men’s and women’s dreams, 8% of the content is sexual in nature.
  11. Naturally, most dreams are experienced only once. However, there are those who experience recurring dreams or dreams with the same narrative or dreamscape.
  12. Humans are not the only ones who dream. All mammals experience REM during sleep so they also dream during this period.
  13. The longest dreams occur in the morning (30-45 minutes).
  14. Certain medical conditions, mostly neurological ones, can have an impact on one’s dreams.
  15. The illogical flow of dreams can be attributed to a reduced flow of information between the hippocampus and neocortex. A 2001 study has shown that this lack of logic helps the brain strengthen kinking and consolidation of semantic memories.

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