Universal Psychic Guild Unlocks the Mystery of Dreams

Universal Psychic Guild Unlocks the Mystery of Dreams

Dreams are a natural part of our lives; they occur each time we sleep, and it’s our body’s way of making sense of all the changes that happen around us every day. Dreaming is how the body self-soothes or provides ‘therapy’ to the self so that an individual can function normally despite all of life’s ups and downs.

Through Universal Psychic Guild’s Online Dream Interpretation, your dreams can provide the missing link to the mystery of your existence. It will help you make sense of the mysteries and hidden meanings in your dreams, giving you the power to see what your dreams are trying to tell you. If you have recurring dreams and don’t know the reason behind them, an Online Dream Interpretation will look into how these dreams interconnect with the crucial aspects of your life.

Depending on your requirements, you can choose between a Brief Dream Interpretation or a Full Dream Interpretation. With a Brief Dream Interpretation, you are provided with a brief analysis, approximately 150 words, of your dream’s overall meaning. The Full Dream Interpretation is a more in-depth analysis; approximately 500 words, it analyses your overall dream meaning and provides explanations on the meaning of significant themes and specific symbols. A Full Dream Interpretation is recommended for those with longer dreams or those with dreams that require a more detailed explanation.

For the whole month of October

Universal Psychic Guild offers both the Brief and Full Dream Interpretation services at a 30% discount. From its original price of $14.95, a Brief Dream Interpretation can now be availed for only $10.50. Similarly, you can avail of a Full Dream Interpretation for only $24.50, from its original price of $34.95. Offer is valid until October 31, 2016.

Upcoming Weekly Promos

Also check out the website’s upcoming weekly promos for October featuring the Chinese and Western Astrology Report, where East meets West in a fusion of Western and Traditional Chinese Astrology. This report provides descriptions of both your Eastern and Western signs, featuring a ‘new sign’ created from the combination of both. This new sign describes your personality and provides insights on relationships and compatibility with the other signs.

Karmic Past Life and Cosmo Natal check out the interpretation of these reports for the upcoming weeks.

For more than 10 years, Universal Psychic Guild has been providing personalised astrology reports, love compatibility forecasts, and the most accurate psychic readings available online. Based in Melbourne, Australia, the website caters to a loyal client base worldwide.

Universal Psychic Guild also presents some of the best online psychics that can provide you an accurate Psychic Reading. You can choose from their pool of online psychics and talk to the one that feels right for you. All psychics on their website adhere to a strict code of ethics, ensuring that they treat all their clients with the utmost courtesy and that they provide a service to the best of their ability. If you’re looking for top-notch service, let the astrology site’s client reviews and testimonials speak for themselves.

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