Universal Psychic Guild’s Life Guide Based on Your Birthdate

Universal Psychic Guild’s Life Guide Based on Your Birthdate

Destiny and Decisions are two terms so tightly intertwined that, for many, they always go hand in hand, with each influencing the other. Some people believe that they have a destiny to fulfil, and this belief affects their decision making.

To address this need, online astrology website Universal Psychic Guild offers a personalised astrology report based on a person’s birthdate. The Destiny and Decisions – 1 year Horoscope is a detailed report regarding the various influences that are to come up within the year in a person’s birth chart. It provides a peek into the future through reading the planet’s positions at a certain time, when they will be forming aspects to one’s natal planets, what influences these aspects bring, and how long they will last. Quite detailed, the report is approximately 100 pages.

Universal Psychic Guild’s mission is to provide people guidance through a variety of astrology reports. As such, the website is offering the Destiny and Decisions – 1 year Horoscope at a discounted price of $32.98 for the whole month of June. With an original price of $65.95, this offer saves subscribers more than $30.

Additionally, Psychic Guild is offering weekly promos that readers and subscribers can avail in June:

  • Brief Psychic Reading

This is great for first-timers who want to know if a psychic reading is right for them. Consult an experienced psychic and get answers to life’s pressing questions in the comforts of home.

  • Full Dream Interpretation

More than a brief analysis, this report interprets significant symbols, themes, and messages. It’s ideal for longer dreams that require a more detailed interpretation. Approximately 500 words.

First-time customers of the website’s Email Psychic Reading service will also get a 20% discount. Once registration is confirmed, they will be issued a unique coupon code valid for 30 days. For any questions about this offer, you can contact the website’s customer service.

Readers and subscribers are encouraged to check out Universal Psychic Guild’s Live Psychics and choose the one that’s right for them. For regular horoscope forecasts, check out the website’s daily, weekly, and monthly forecasts prepared by their resident psychic AstroGirl.

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