A Tax Preparer Works Part Time as Psychic

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For over 35 years already, Tinker has been a licensed tax preparer in La Mesa California. On the side, she also offers psychic readings from the spirit world.

“Numbers speak to me,” Tinker said. “I look at a birth date or a Social Security number and information comes to me about a person connected with the client. I’m cautious about who I tell this to, but sometimes I just have to reveal it. Luckily, it always seems to work out with the customer.”

However, there are also times when the spirits are only interested in giving personal messages for her clients and not so much with number tips. These messages are often to provide closure about certain issues.

Case in point

One client of Tinker came to her asking if it was okay for her to put her brother as a dependent on her tax return. When Tinker learned of the brother’s birthday, she saw an image of a deceased elderly man who had wavy hair and loose pants. Tinker went on to ask if her client’s brother had recently lost an uncle. He then found out that this brother had taken their uncle’s death quite hard. With that psychic reading, Tinker was able to help the client’s brother come to terms with their uncle’s death.

Though Tinker basically is a tax preparer by profession, she still can’t help but think about what will happen in the future.

“I’ve only been audited six times. And, so far, I’ve never gotten psychic messages for the IRS agents,” she said.

Source: http://www.aolnews.com/2011/04/15/one-tax-preparer-doubles-as-a-sex-worker-the-other-does-psychic/

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