Economic Fears Attract Clients of Psychics

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The challenging economy of the US today, including its high unemployment rate and the low bank balances of individuals, are leading to the blooming industry of psychic readings. Yes, when all other industries are going down, the psychic profession is thriving. There has been an increase in the male customers these days who come to psychics for help. This is according to Penelope, a “hands on psychic and healer” who charges $125 an hour.

“I do think that [men] are more open now because I feel that they don’t know where to go to get direction at this point. You’re not going to your mortgage broker or your banker or your investment person for guidance because nobody really knows what’s going to happen, everything’s unstable. So they’re looking for outside things, to have an edge, to understand the market conditions. There’s all different variables for them,” she added.

In order to verify how thriving the psychic business is, DailyFinance met with Penelope and Jeffrey Wands. The latter is a psychic who has given his assistance to nationwide searches for missing children. Among his clients include celebrities. Wands charges an amazing $175 for every 30 minutes of session.

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