New Game with Psychic Main Character Released

The Blackwell Legacy is unlike today’s other graphically powerful games. This new release from Wadjet Eye Games offers a compelling story line that can get real gamers hooked.

The story is centered on Rosangela Blackwell, a bright young journalist from New York. After her aunt’s mysterious death in a mental institution, she begins to have some issues. She soon discovers that her aunt and her grandmother were spirit mediums. Both of them went insane as a result of their ability.

Rosa then inherits that family spirit guide Joey Mallone. Her mission is to assist spirits and investigate supernatural crimes. The game’s narrative is well-put and the voice actors give life to the characters. The graphics are not very sophisticated, or the game interface intuitive. But the game itself presents a lot of challenges.

A free demo is offered. The full version of this stand-alone executable file can be downloaded for $15.

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