Obama Wins; As Predicted by Psychic Nikki

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So far, Nikki is feeling a lot stronger that Obama will win the election. However, she adds that it will not be a very easy win for him as Romney will be able to put a close and tight race for the presidency.

“It’s very tight between Mitt Romney and Obama but I’m feeling a little more stronger about Obama right now. I haven’t made my final decision,” said the psychic.

What makes Nikki’s readings controversial is that she senses the influence of a woman who may become a “potential havoc” in polling stations.

Nikki also added that the problem with the election day is that Mercury will be on retrograde. This may cause disarray in the polling stations which may also lead to things going wrong and an eventual miscount may happen. This, she hopes won’t happen.

As to the accuracy and track record of psychic Nikki, she says she was able to predict the victory of Obama in 2008 and also the trouble in Syria and Lebanon. To add, she also predicted Hurricane Sandy.

Nikki believes in her track record but she also says she changes her mind in the last minute at times.

“I hope that there’s no danger around him but I do get that all the time,”
she added.

The elections will already be happening. All we can do is cast our vote and wait for the results. It will give us time to see if Nikki will change her mind at the last minute or not.

Source : http://cnews.canoe.ca/CNEWS/USElection/2012/11/03/20329596.html

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