Pet Psychic Converses with a Horse

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Schaller, who claims she talks to animals and serves as the bridge between them and humans, arrived with her dogs at the place where the corralled mule stays. The horse, Tzar, is a 6-year-old half-Russian, half-Arabian and half-quarter horse.

When they approached the mule, the psychic could not help but laugh as she “heard” the conversation between the dogs and Tzar. According to her, Tzar thinks that the dogs are an inferior species. As she opened the padlock and touched the nose of the horse with her gloved hand, she realized that Tzar knew why she was there. She also added that the horse is smart and loves to be talked to.

As if trying to talk, Tzar’s lips moved up and down but there was no sound. Schaller interpreted that and told Quigley that the horse wanted to know what he could do to make Quigley want to ride him.

This rendered the owner speechless as she admits that since her last horse had died of colic, she had been afraid to get attached emotionally to animals. However, she asked the psychic to tell Tzar that the two of them will be going out for a ride later that afternoon. After the message was relayed, Schaller informed Quigley that Tzar only wanted a chance and that all he needs is a friend, not a trainer.

Over 30 years, Schaller has been bridging the communication between pets and their owners. At first, she thought that everyone else hears what she hears. However, she realized that sit was not true and that if she told anyone about it, they think that she is crazy.

Since then, Quigley and Tzar have been riding together and building a friendship.

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