Psychic predicts bad future for Rudd

If Brisbane psychic Zandra Marie’s predictions come true, Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd may be in a heap of trouble. The psychic recently told The Courier-Mail that the Prime Minister may have to bow out of political life.

She predicts that Rudd will have a “near-fatal injuries caused by some sort of transport incident.”

The psychic also sees a bad future for the Prime Minister’s wife. Zandra Marie predicts the multi-millionaire job placement entrepreneur Therese Rein will be “embroiled in another business deal that would not go down well for the PM”.

This is not the first time a psychic has had a negative prediction for the Prime Minister. During the beginning of the year, another Australian psychic Stacy Demarco, predicted that Rudd “may be beset with a serious, even fatal heart problem.”

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