Psychic Sylvia Mitchell Arrested for Allegedly Stealing Thousands of Dollars

36-year-old psychic, Sylvia Mitchell, was arrested in Mystic, Connecticut after she was charged for biking thousands of dollars from her clients.

The search for Michelle started last year when a Florida woman filed charges against her accusing her of taking $27,000 from her as a solution to her attachment to money. After having promised that she would return the money, Mitchell refused to return it. However, after a while, she decided to give back $10,000 only and then disappeared. Bob Nygaard, a private investigator, was hired by the woman to track down Ms. Mitchell.

Finally, Mitchell was found in her parlor and was arrested as being a fugitive and for giving the police a false name.

It can be recalled that in February 2010, Mitchell was also accused of convincing her client to get her a Ralph Lauren shopping spree.

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