Psychics Of Radio and Facebook and Fortune Telling Family on Trial

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Public Spirited, psychics and astrology site, has a radio show which is aired in the Hudson valley area of the US. The radio show is broadcast on 949 FM in Hudson valley.

The new Public Spirited radio show can also be heard anywhere in the world via the internet, with a link at

The said psychic Public Spirited radio show will air all your latest Spirit messages and stars. However, unlike the paper, the new age radio show will discuss a topic on mediumship every week.

The spirituality radio show is said to have not gotten off to a great start, as technical faults occurred in the first two shows. However, these were quickly sorted out and the show was up and running with a bang in no time at all for the third show.

Meanwhile, there are talks about putting together a TV show. However, until the final contracts have been finalized, plans are not yet being revealed. So, keep on tuning and reading in future issues to find out more about the Public Spirited TV Show.

Moreover, Public Spirited fans can also follow them on their new Facebook account at Psychic News Ltd. With over twelve hundred members, the group is growing every day.

Check out Public Spirited Facebook account and you will be updated on all the latest on radio and TV for mind body and Spirit.
What’s more, you will be able to place adds about your MBS event and shows.

Freedom of Speech and Religion Protects Marks Family Of Psychics

South Florida and New York fortune-telling family, the Marks family is set to mount a defense on freedom of religion and speech after they were arrested on allegedly scamming customers for two decades.

Last August 2011, under “Operation Crystal Ball,” the Marks family was investigated with 10 members of the Roma gypsy family arrested for fraud conspiracy and defrauding their clients out of more than $40 million over 20 years, according to the Justice Department.

Led by matriarch Rose Marks, the family was located in both South Florida and New York City at the time of their arrest. Currently, they are now facing a 61-count indictment.

However, according to the Marks’ lawyers, the family is protected by the right to practice religion and free speech, which includes fortune telling and spiritual healing.

Moreover, the lawyers also stated that the family is being persecuted in the similar way as their Romani ancestors have been for generations.

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