April: Taking It Easy

April: Taking It Easy

Last month, we discussed why March is referred to as a ‘start-up month’. Positive energy was present for the most part, with the Sun, Venus, Mercury, and Uranus preparing for a fiery Spring line-up in Aries. Once the Aries Sun reached its annual inferior conjunction with Venus, however, the hard times came for most signs of the zodiac.

This month, the key to achieving good vibes and positive energy is ‘taking it easy’. Don’t let this month’s events and the people around you upset you. If you find the need to unwind and relax, there’s no better time to do it than now, while the Fire and Air signs are in the line of cosmic fire. As Jupiter moves out of phase in Libra, the Full Moon takes its place while Saturn retrogrades in Sagittarius. Saturn will also be out of phase this April and, being the planet of stability and discipline, this month may feature a tendency toward being distracted and unfocused. Deep-seated issues may come to the surface this month so all zodiac signs are warned to beware that they don’t unload their problems on each other.


  • Venus the goddess of love and money remains out of phase in Aries through April 4, sliding further backwards into Pisces April 4 – 15, hanging out in Pisces for a week and then resuming her Aries journey April 21 – June
  • Mercury the communicator goes out of phase (RETROGRADE) in Taurus April 9 – 21, then slides backwards into Aries where he remains out of phase through May 3
  • Mars the planet of passion and sex is in Taurus through April 22, then moves into Gemini through June 5
  • New Moon – Taurus -22nd
  • Full Moon – Libra – 10th

Our infographic below will show all you need to know about your Love Horoscope for April 2017. Our full forecast of Love Horoscopes is also available, or you can check out how you’ll fare each month via our Monthly Horoscopes.


To See our Full-sized Infographic, click here: Love Horoscopes by AstroGirl for APRIL 2017

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