August: A Time for Reflection

August: A Time for Reflection

Last month, we discussed how the planets have naturally collided to give a nice atmosphere in everyone’s heart. July has indeed brought the best experience of summer love to many people, whether they have expected it or not.

Now that we’re on the 8th month of the year, brace yourselves and be ready to witness two eclipses happening within August! On August 7, we encounter the Lunar Eclipse. This falls on the birthday sign Leo, and would greatly affect the Leos, Aries and Aquarians. Then we’ll have the Solar Eclipse by August 21, which touches the Librans, Geminis and again, the Leos. Isn’t it quite truly the birthday month of LEO?

It will also be a landmark month for Aquarius as it holds up the air side of the cosmic bargain brought by the eclipses. Air and fire influences are largely at play in August, while Sun and Mars work in Leo and Jupiter in Libra.

These planetary transitions are not going to be easy, so you may want to grab this opportunity to take your steps slowly and look at how things are going in life. It could let you realize that certain adjustments need to be made at this point, which makes this an exciting month as well.

Keep in mind that soul searching is a healthy habit that everyone should regularly practice, because reflecting on all life aspects is very essential to our existence.

INFOGRAPHIC: Where the love planets roam in the month of August

  • Sun in Leo through August 23
  • Mercury in Virgo through 13th, retrograding through early September
  • Venus in Cancer through 27th, then in Leo through September 21st
  • Mars in Leo through September 6

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