MAY: Get Up and Make Up

MAY: Get Up and Make Up

In April, we were advised to “take things easy”. Since Saturn, the planet of stability and discipline, was out of phase last month, there was a risk of distraction and surfacing of issues, hence all zodiac signs have been warned to take them calmly. And as the Fire and Air signs were in the line of cosmic fire, it was the perfect time not to let negative events upset us, and spend time to relax and unwind instead.

This month, you are encouraged to learn how to evaluate a situation and reconsider before making any decision. Relationship wise, everyone should tread lightly this month. The New Moon in Taurus along with the Sun and Venus and retrograding Mercury indicates that there will be a lot of stubborn people around. This means that they are the ones who are persistent to what they think is right and not willing to be swayed from how they see things to be. But one must also be able to acknowledge when they are mistaken and apologize. This is the first step an individual must take in order to move on with life.

The first 4 months of this year weren’t precisely smooth sailing, right? Specially after having the perfect storm of drama from April when issues about love, friendship and even money have come together. But the good news is, the month of May is here to give you a chance to makeup if there was ever a time we needed one. With Venus remaining in abrasive Aries and Mars in quirky Gemini, things are not going to be as quiet and insightful as one might desire. However, the planets are moving direct which is a huge help. You will be able to assess your feelings and be prepared to clear up any approaching drama storms even before they hit land.

Our infographic below will show all you need to know about your Love Horoscope for April 2017. Our full forecast of Love Horoscopes is also available, or you can check out how you’ll fare each month via our Monthly Horoscopes.


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