April: Mixing the Good With the Bad

April: Mixing the Good With the Bad

Last month, we discussed how the ‘celestial leaders’ affected individual viewpoints so that they propagated according to each zodiac sign’s trademark traits. Because viewpoints were at a high, the probability of interpersonal conflicts proportionally rose as well.

This month’s horoscope forecast is a quintessential example of how the good mixes with the bad, and it will be a rough guide on how to face the challenges you’ll be facing within the month. April also coincides with the 2017 Mercury retrograde, which brings with it some positive angles. It won’t be smooth sailing for the whole month, however, with the Sun, Venus, Mercury, and Uranus in Aries making things tricky most of the time. Patience may be short for all signs of the zodiac this month, but the Venus retrograde will alleviate this by helping you sort through your past so you can move forward. This isn’t to say that there will be no drama as the month passes, especially for Aries, Leo, Libra, and Sagittarius.


  • Sun in Aries through April 20, then moves into Taurus through May 21
  • Venus the goddess of love and money remains out of phase in Aries through April 4, sliding further backwards into Pisces April 4 – 15, hanging out in Pisces for a week and then resuming her Aries journey April 21 – June
  • Mercury the communicator goes out of phase (RETROGRADE) in Taurus April 9 – 21, then slides backwards into Aries where he remains out of phase through May 3
  • Mars the planet of passion and sex is in Taurus through April 22, then moves into Gemini through June 5
  • Jupiter is out of phase in Libra through early June
  • Saturn goes out of phase in Sagittarius April 6 – August 26
  • New Moon – Taurus -22nd
  • Full Moon – Libra – 10th

Check out our infographic below for all the details and take a gander at the full forecast of Monthly Horoscopes. You can also check out our Astrology and Horoscopes page for more information on how horoscopes work so you know how it can affect your life.


To See our Full-sized Infographic, click here: Cosmic Insight for APRIL 2017

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