MAY: Opening of Doors and Welcoming Positivity

MAY: Opening of Doors and Welcoming Positivity

Last month, we discussed how the good mixes with the bad, as April has brought about a rough ride of challenges, while it coincides with 2017 Mercury retrograde that gave positive angles. All zodiac signs may have fallen short of patience, but the Venus retrograde helped ease the past and made it possible to move on.

This month, our horoscope forecast will be splendid as we welcome good vibes and positivity. This could be the last month of spring, but May is expected to be a good month as it is also the start of something new in our lives. From opening your own business, to planning on getting married, and to considering having children, all these is just a step closer to another milestone in your existence. The level of improvements may be dictated by circumstances, but they are all leaning into your advantage. You shouldn’t disregard the period’s elements, as in specific conditions variable elements could play into your hands, so it bodes well to go out on a limb. The risks won’t be as high as well, and in the event things don’t go as planned, there is still a genuine opportunity to set everything straight again.


  • Sun in May through May 21
  • Venus the lover in Aries through June 8
  • Mercury the communicator out of phase through May 3 in Gemini
  • Mars the planet of energy and action will be in Gemini through early June
  • Jupiter and Saturn out of phase
  • Full Moon in Scorpio May 10
  • New Moon in Taurus – May 25

May will also open doors for the understanding of one’s accumulated potential. This implies of late got capacities and information can truly begin to have in exercise. This is going to be a fitting 30 days for self-insistence, for the comprehension of your own wishes. But do keep in mind, it is proper that these desires are not run turn around to the genuine possible results!

Look at our detailed infographic below for additional in-depth insights or get consistent conjectures through our Monthly Horoscopes. Take in more about your horoscope and astrology all in all by reading our Astrology and Horoscopes page.


To See our Full-sized Infographic, click here: Cosmic Insight for MAY 2017

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