Discovering ‘the Self’ with Universal Psychic Guild

Discovering  ‘the Self’ with Universal Psychic Guild

Although people have always been out to discover more about the world and each other, one thing remains the hardest and most complicated to decipher: the self. Circumstances may not always be in your control so many simply choose how to react to life’s events, but it’s not always that simple. For one, nobody can be certain how he or she will react to certain stimuli, and on the other, one can react differently to similar events, making things unpredictable.

Astrology website Universal Psychic Guild makes this less problematic by providing an online service that can help answer questions regarding career, love and relationships, and health and wellbeing. With the aid of technology, people can discover more about the self via an in-depth psychic reading via email or phone.

Universal Psychic Guild’s in-depth psychic reading will give customers the choice to talk to an online psychic to get guidance and answers to their nagging questions. Choosing the right psychic is important, and Universal Psychic Guild makes this simple by giving each online psychic a unique and easy-to-remember operator code for phone readings and making in-depth psychic readings available via email. Only after choosing a psychic will a customer be required to supply their contact details and questions they want answered.

A customer can get an “In-depth Psychic reading” from Universal Psychic Guild in just three (3) easy steps:

  1. Choose a payment method: Universal Psychic Guild’s secure and encrypted payment gateway ensures that customer details are kept secure. Payment options include credit card or PayPal payments.
  2. Choose a psychic: Customers can search available psychic profiles and choose the one that’s right for them.
  3. Present questions together with personal details: Name and date of birth are pertinent for determining the answers to customer questions about love, relationships, career, travel, destiny, and more.

The In-depth psychic readings customers receive via email include a detailed answer to their questions in 750 words or approximately 1 – 2 pages. Answers are explained in detail, together with advice on how to face challenges and go through life as smoothly as possible. The answers also come with suggestions on how one can change his or her life’s direction and make it better.

As a monthly promotion, Universal Psychic Guild is offering the In-depth Psychic Reading at a 30% discount. Take advantage of this month-long promo and get your reading for only $34.95! Promo is valid from 1-30 April 2017.

Weekly promos for APRIL 2017

Universal Psychic Guild is also offering the following services at discounted prices as biweekly promos for April 2017:

  • Brief Dream Interpretation
    Approximately 150 words, this report is a brief analysis of the overall dream meaning.
  • Full Dream Interpretation
    Approximately 500 words, this report delves deeper into one’s dream by explaining the meaning of significant symbols, themes, and messages. This is ideal for those who have relatively longer dreams or those who require a more detailed interpretation.

You can try out the pool of Universal Psychic Guild Live Psychics by submitting your dream for a free interpretation today. You can also visit their Dream Dictionary to learn more about dreams and the terms used in their interpretation. If you have any questions regarding Universal Psychic Guild’s offers, you can contact customer service and they will be more than happy to address any concerns. For regular horoscope forecasts, check out the astrology website’s daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes presented by their resident psychic AstroGirl.

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