Universal Psychic Guild Uncovers the New Year’s Mysteries

Universal Psychic Guild Uncovers the New Year’s Mysteries

As another year comes to an end, many lovingly look back at pleasant memories and try to remember the lessons learned from their successes and failures. At the same time, many look forward to a fruitful and prosperous new year ahead and hope for the best.

Universal Psychic Guild, through its Destiny & Decisions – 1 year astrological report, eliminates apprehension by providing a rough prediction of how your year will go. This report is an example of the predictive astrology Universal Psychic Guild is renowned for. By determining the position of the planets in the current time period and estimating when they will be forming aspects to your natal planets, this report focuses on what influences these aspects bring and how long they will last. What’s more, this report can look as far into the future as you want, even as far as several years ahead.

The Destiny & Decisions – 1 year report is approximately 100 pages long and is fully personalised with a forecast based on your birthdate. It guides you every step of the way in understanding the influences coming up in your chart. By doing so, this report gives you a prediction of what the coming year has in store for you. Also included in the report are suggestions on how to deal with the influences, which eliminate the need for further counselling in most cases.

Promo for the whole month of DECEMBER 2016

For the whole month of December, Universal Psychic Guild offers the Destiny & Decisions – 1 year report at a 20% discount. From its original price of $69.95, your personalised report can now be availed for only $45.95. Offer is valid until December 31, 2016.

Also check out the website’s upcoming weekly promos for December, featuring the more succinct Destiny & Decisions – 6 month report and Destiny & Decisions – 3 month report. If you want to try and see how the report works for you, you can try out a shorter report first, and get a longer, more in-depth report later.

For more than 10 years, Universal Psychic Guild has been providing personalised astrology reports, love compatibility forecasts, and the most accurate psychic readings available online. Based in Melbourne, Australia, the website caters to a loyal client base worldwide.

For a sound mind and body, also take a look at Universal Psychic Guild’s 1-month Fitness and Lifestyle Guide from the website’s resident psychic AstroGirl. This dietary and exercise potential is based on the sign on the Ascendant. You can also chat live with our online psychics if you have any questions or are looking for free psychic advice and psychic readings.

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