The Moon and the Tower in a Tarot Card Reading

The Moon is the eighteenth card in the major arcana of a tarot card deck. Although its designs have changed over the years, it has pThe Tower in Tarot Cardlayed an important role in tarot card readings. The most popular design for the Moon card is from the Waite-Smith deck. It shows a shellfish starting to crawl out of the water. Above him are two dogs or wolves howling at the bright full moon.

Behind the dogs are two towers on top of a hill, where the rays of the moon shine. However, the original design consisted of two astronomers. They are under the stars and the moon, debating. One of the astronomers is sitting with a disk and a sundial representing the twelve signs of the zodiac. He is gazing at the moon in amazement.

The other one holds equipment such as a compass, a t-square or a globe. Another popular design is that of Diana, the goddess of hunt, together with all of her hunting dogs.

The Moon in Tarot CardIn the history of the tarot, the Fool walks away from the Star. As the full moon rises, the traveler begins to feel strange. There is a dreamy quality to his surroundings. As he passes between two ancient pillars, he finds that he is lost. He does not know where he is, but he knew that his questions will soon be answered. He sees many artists behind the pillars, along with wolves howling at the full moon. It is a place of chaos.

Just like the Fool in the story, if you draw this card in a tarot card reading, expect that something will happen that is completely out of your plans. It may seem crazy at first, but it will lead you to new and exciting experiences.

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