Taurus: From Social to Sensual

Taurus: From Social to Sensual

In a previous post, we talked about “Aries: Leading the Way to Adventure”. The most adventurous and outgoing sign of the zodiac, people born under this sign are independent to the point of being assertive. Their faith in life makes them go-getters that never give up no matter what odds they face.

In this post, we focus on Taureans’ coolness and what lies beneath.

Cool and collected, Taureans are naturally good around people, but also have a natural ability to discreetly keep their guard up while maintaining an affable disposition. You can get close to them, but only as close as they want you to be. Although they seem like great listeners there are times that they only hear what they want to hear so it’s best to ensure that you really get your message across when talking to a Taurean.

When Taureans are right, they’re right — and they can be very headstrong when they believe this to be the case. They conceal their deepest fears and desires hidden deep inside so they can be quite hard to read, and they can be very deep, maybe even deeper than anyone thinks.

The future is very important to Taureans so they don’t believe in letting fate take over. They plan and organize their lives so that very little — almost nothing — is left to chance. As Earth signs, they delight in the physical, and are often pet and nature lovers. This feeling of closeness to nature makes them extremely sensual beings and very good love partners.

Zodiac Signs Most Compatible with Taurus

Taurus and Aries

These tow meet eye to eye and treat each other as equals. Understanding each other is no problem for them because of a strong spiritual bond.

Taurus and Gemini

An ideal combination in business, but a complicated one romantically. Their relationship can be very conflicted and emotionally exhausting, especially when one attempts to dominate the other. Geminis like to talk and Taureans like to listen, and this makes for a dynamic, if aggressive, exchange of ideas.

Taurus and Leo

This combination can be a difficult one, but can work if the feelings are real and deep. Each has a tendency to spoil the other, making for a fun and happy relationship. Longevity and stability are a hallmark of the relationship between these two zodiac signs—ideal ingredients for a lasting bond.

Taurus and Libra

Through differing views, these two will find common ground in art and culture. They may argue about seemingly trivial matters, but this aggression also brings a pleasant twist to their sexual relationship.

Taurus and Sagittarius

Sagittarians are optimistic and Taurus is sensual; these two innate traits create a bond that lock these two signs together. Unexpected and unusual events are inevitable parts of the relationship, though, so patience and compromise is key in keeping the flame of love alive.

Taurus and Capricorn

Sharing common values and life goals creates quite a strong bond between these two signs. This bond provides a strong foundation for a relationship that’s for the long haul. A sense of inner harmony makes everything feel natural — even the unusually strong bond between them.

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