Universal Psychic Guild: The Zodiac Matchmaker

Universal Psychic Guild: The Zodiac Matchmaker

They say no man is an island, and building relationships should consequently be each one’s strong suit. Fortunately, the stars and other heavenly bodies provide support to people’s efforts to reach out to each other. By determining the position and tendencies of the various heavenly bodies, one can determine how the future might unfold — and if an individual is compatible with another.

Universal Psychic Guild presents an innovative use of astrology that determines the compatibility of two persons and how their year will turn out. The Compatibility Forecast Horoscope provides an overview of the coming year for partners in a romantic relationship. It’s a personalised one-year forecast that covers various aspects in a relationship and aims to assist partners in planning their lives and gaining a deeper understanding of the self, the relationship, and each other. Approximately 75 pages long, it produces more impactful interpretations depending on how strong the bond is between two partners in a relationship.

For the whole month of February, Universal Psychic Guild offers the Compatibility Forecast Horoscope at a 40% discount. From its original price of $65.95, you can now avail of it for only $39.95. Offer is valid until February 28, 2017.

Weekly promos for February 2017

Also check out the website’s upcoming weekly promos for February featuring the following:

Cosmo Compatibility

This report determines compatibility by comparing the Sun signs and Moon signs, interpreting major aspects between two charts that involve an inner planet. Focusing on some of the major issues in a relationship, this report is approximately 5 – 8 pages.

Love Personality Report by AstroGirl

This report describes a person’s emotional needs, temperament, hang-ups, and issues that one could bring to relationships. It’s designed so that it can analyse both friendly and romantic relationships so it can be of help whether one is in a relationship or not. Approximately 4 – 7 pages.

Love Ties Compatibility Report

This report describes how two people would get along in a romantic relationship. It’s divided into four sections: two natal reports that describe each person and two compatibility reports that describe how each person experiences the other. Approximately 15 – 20 pages.

Romantic Relationship Reading

Harnessing the hidden power of a simple deck of playing cards, this report determines how partners view each other in a relationship. It also helps in discovering what each partner needs and wants from the other. Ultimately, it aims to provide suggestions on how each partner can help improve the relationship. Approximately 250 words.

Romantic Compatibility Report

This report determines the most significant issues in a relationship. It compares the temperament and lifestyle of each person and their ability to harmonize with each other to foresee the possible outcome of a relationship. Approximately 15 pages.

For any enquiries about the offers above, kindly contact Universal Psychic Guild customer service. You can also check out your horoscope via daily, weekly, and monthly forecasts prepared by resident psychic AstroGirl.

For over 10 years, Universal Psychic Guild has been providing personalized astrology reports, love compatibility forecasts, and the most accurate psychic readings available online. Based in Melbourne, Australia, the website caters to a loyal client base worldwide.

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