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Anne - Op code: 102 | Video Greeting: Yes | Articles: 5
"Anne (102) was awesome in her reading"
I am a qualified Astrologer with over 20 years experience and trained language teacher. I am also a counsellor, healer, gifted writer and inspirational speaker and have appeared on rad... Find out more >>
Edith - Op code: 038 | Video Greeting: Yes
"Edith (038) was awesome "
If you wish to contact some one from the other side that has passed over and know that they are happy and watching over you, need to find out about finances or would you like to have a ... Find out more >>
Kerry - Op code: 050 | Video Greeting: Yes | Articles: 14
"Kerry (050) was very uplifting and positive"
I am a certified Angel Intuitive (A.I.) as trained by Dr Doreen Virtue. I work with the Angel, Fairy & Dolphin cards. I have also completed an Introduction to Color Therapy and have ... Find out more >>
Elaine - Op code: 054 | Voice Greeting: Yes
"Elaine (054) gave me a detailed reading"
Elaine is a clairvoyant of long-standing, in Australia. She has always been part of an elite small handful of clairvoyants in the country who perform thousands of readings every mont... Find out more >>
Esther - Op code: 250 | Voice Greeting: Yes | Video Greeting: Yes | Articles: 12
"Esther (250) gave the best and insightful reading"
My spiritual journey started in 1990 when I began studying astrology and Tarot. I have been here at the Psychic Guild now for over 15 years. I completed my Basic Astrological st... Find out more >>
Jennifer - Op code: 110 | Voice Greeting: Yes
"Jennifer (110) is so accurate and articulate"
My Name is Jane, I have been working with Tarot for well over 25 years. Coming into the practice of Tarot in the traditional and ancient manner where the offer of apprenticeship was ... Find out more >>
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