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Esther - Op code: 250 | Voice Greeting: Yes | Video Greeting: Yes | Articles: 12
"Esther (250) gave the best and insightful reading"
My spiritual journey started in 1990 when I began studying astrology and Tarot. I have been here at the Psychic Guild now for over 18 years. I completed my Basic Astrological st... Find out more >>
Judy - Op code: 126 | Video Greeting: Yes
"Judy (126) is accurate with the information"
Hello my name is Judy, l have been psychic from a small child. l would pick up the energies from others around me and would get messages come to me. My mother and grandmother would en... Find out more >>
I am available for: phone readings
Jennifer - Op code: 110 | Voice Greeting: Yes
"Jennifer (110) is so accurate and articulate"
"Faithe (119) is an amazing reader"
My name is Faithe and I can give you Spiritual Guidance. I am Intuitive, Clairvoyant, Tarot & Angel Card Reader, Guardian Angels, Spiritual Love & Relationship Counsellor. You are not ... Find out more >>
I am available for: phone readings
Andree - Op code: 060 | Voice Greeting: Yes | Articles: 1
I am Clairsentient, clairvoyant and clairaudient and am able to get guidance from my angels (spiritual guides)very easily. I am able to talk to your angels and obtain guidance for you t... Find out more >>
I am available for: phone readings
Nick - Op code: 012 | Video Greeting: Yes
"Have had many accurate readings from Nick (012)"
* Psychic/Clairvoyant practising since 1987 * Intuitive counsellor, numerologist & meditation instructor * Life purpose psychic tarot counselling * Consultations relating to love, re... Find out more >>
I am available for: phone readings
"Veronica (070) is absolutely amazing"
My background is of Irish descent, dating back to my great grandmother reading the tea leaves. I can Channel through your energy guiding you in a positive direction along your journe... Find out more >>
I am available for: phone readings
Kelly - Op code: 104 | Voice Greeting: Yes | Articles: 4
"Kelly (104) is very accurate!"
~ I'm here for your call and offer guidance and answers straight from spirit. my reading style is not the 'usual' of most psychic⁄readers -so if you are ready for something more i... Find out more >>
I am available for: phone readings
Hi, my name is Corrina. As a child I was sensitive to my environment but didn't want to hear my Spiritual calling. Now that I am older (and hopefully, wiser), I have been drawn back to... Find out more >>
I am available for: phone readings
John - Op code: 228 | Video Greeting: Yes
"John (228) is accurate and honest"
Many of you will recognize me from my regular radio programs and TV. appearances such as being called in to ghost bust a restaurant on `My Restaurant Rules` I have been practicing for ... Find out more >>
I am available for: phone readings
Anne - Op code: 102 | Video Greeting: Yes | Articles: 5
"Anne (102) was awesome in her reading"
I am a qualified Astrologer with over 20 years experience and trained language teacher. I am also a counsellor, healer, gifted writer and inspirational speaker and have appeared on rad... Find out more >>
Rose - Op code: 242 | Video Greeting: Yes | Articles: 17
"Rose (242) is a warm and caring woman"
I have been actively involved with astrology for nearly 20 years and find it a useful tool to understand various life cycles and situations. My professional memberships include the Fed... Find out more >>
I am available for: phone readings
Kerry - Op code: 050 | Video Greeting: Yes | Articles: 14
"Kerry (050) was very uplifting and positive"
I am a certified Angel Intuitive (A.I.) as trained by Dr Doreen Virtue. I work with the Angel, Fairy & Dolphin cards. I have also completed an Introduction to Color Therapy and have ... Find out more >>
Rita - Op code: 006 | Voice Greeting: Yes | Articles: 5
"Rita (006) made me prepared to accept things"
I am available for: phone readings
Elaine - Op code: 054 | Voice Greeting: Yes
"Elaine (054) gave me a detailed reading"
Elaine is a clairvoyant of long-standing, in Australia. She has always been part of an elite small handful of clairvoyants in the country who perform thousands of readings every mont... Find out more >>
"Jacqui (168) is truly real!"
I have been working as a psychic reader/medium full time for the past fifteen years. I also do dream interpretations and can help the caller to realise that their dreams are a means to... Find out more >>
I am available for: phone readings
My Name is Jane, I have been working with Tarot for well over 25 years. Coming into the practice of Tarot in the traditional and ancient manner where the offer of apprenticeship was ... Find out more >>
Molly - Op code: 101 | Articles: 1
"Molly (101) helped me move on in the right direction"
I am available for: phone readings
Edith - Op code: 038 | Video Greeting: Yes
"Edith (038) was awesome "
If you wish to contact some one from the other side that has passed over and know that they are happy and watching over you, need to find out about finances or would you like to have a ... Find out more >>
I am available for: phone readings
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