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Be careful what you tell people, outside influence can be damaging

We have all been guilty or blowing off tension by telling a close friend how we feel about an argument or words we had with our love mate. At the time it seems fully justified to do so. After all, they are your ’go–to’, right? Everyone needs someone to talk to even if just to get something out in the open or to gain a different perspective or affirmation that our take on the situation is justified.

This all sounds very civilized until your best friend goes home and tells her partner, not meaning of course to do any harm, but then the partner lets it slip to his friend who just happens to know your friend’s partner and now you have a potential problem that can get more out of control and misconstrued every time it is repeated.

Everyone thinks they know what is best for you and because they care about you they want to give their two cents worth of what they consider ’good advice’. All of a sudden your five minutes of blowing off steam has turned into an issue you now need to deal with.

Be careful of what you tell people and who you tell. Sometimes, you just have to deal with things yourself or pay a professional who is bound by law to keep your business private.

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Dial the number from the options below. To connect to the line, press 55 when prompted for the 2 digit line code.

Call 1800 5734 203 to charge the call to your credit card & select line 55. US$1.99/min.*

Call 1902 215 155 to charge the call to your phone account & select line 55. A$3.50/min. inc. GST.*
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New Zealand:
Call 0900 33 509 to charge the call to your phone account & select line 55. NZ$4.95/min.*
Call 0800 110 253 to charge the call to your credit card & select line 55. NZ$3.50/min.*

*Higher mobile/payphones. Readings for guidance only. Infodial.

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