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Rekindling an old romance

On occasion an old flame resurfaces and inspires all sorts of old memories and new hopes. Some take the opinion that an ex is an ex for a reason and should be kept that way. Others however, view the situation as a new opportunity to repair a fractured bond and build on an already existing romantic history. The situation is precarious either way and deserves much deep thought and awareness in order for you to avoid making the same mistakes twice.

A rekindled love affair could provide an opportunity for you to iron out the issues that existed previously and deal with them from a new and fresh perspective. With time comes growth and change and in the time since you and your past lover parted ways, he or she could have experienced enough growth to permit a new and improved relationship. After the initial period of excitement has worn off, you’ll want to take a closer look at the situation and ensure the problems that led to the demise of the partnership initially do not still exist. If some of the same issues are present, you’ll want to take the necessary action steps now to avert the same ending as you had the first time around.

It can provide such a satisfying and comforting feeling to once again be in the arms of one you loved so dearly. In order to sustain this feeling, you’ll need to make a conscious effort to deal with your relationship issues as they arise and in a different way. Involving yourself in a repeat relationship and coming out successful requires dedication to problem resolution and a keen awareness of the past problems you’ve faced. With a renewed sense of determination to make it work you can enjoy your past lover well into the future. To achieve this renewed sense of bliss consider seeking the advice of a professional if you can’t get past the issue yourself. If neither of you are prepared to change, then you will need to accept each other and the situation the way things are, rather than go back to a state of expectation that the other person has to change.

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