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Dating Tips

Is it love or are you settling?

Sometimes our desire to alleviate loneliness is so strong that we overlook an unsatisfactory love match and sabotage our own happiness. It usually occurs unconsciously, but if you take a really hard look at yourself and your relationship you may be able to uncover the problem and avoid unhappiness.

It takes some inner strength to be happy by yourself, especially if your heart’s desire is to love and be loved. It is possible for anyone to gain the gumption to avoid settling for an inadequate partner with enough effort and internal conversation. If you are in tune with what it is you want in a partner and a romantic relationship, then it is just a matter of evaluating whether the partner you chose matches any times on your love list. It isn’t necessary or possible to find someone who meets all your qualifications, but in order for a partnership to meet your needs it’s a good idea to find someone who meets a majority of your wants.

When you find yourself overlooking an unpleasant quality or situation more often than not, it might be time to consider upgrading your personal relationship. If you actually believe you deserve to be truly happy, you won’t want to sell yourself short with any old relationship. You don’t have to settle for someone who doesn’t meet your needs just to avoid being alone; it is however necessary to recognize the situation and get yourself out of it and into a more fitting circumstance.

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Dial the number from the options below. To connect to the line, press 55 when prompted for the 2 digit line code.

Call 1800 5734 203 to charge the call to your credit card & select line 55. US$1.99/min.*

Call 1902 215 155 to charge the call to your phone account & select line 55. A$3.50/min. inc. GST.*
Call 1300 135 580 to charge the call to your credit card & select line 55. A$3.50/min. inc. GST.*

New Zealand:
Call 0900 33 509 to charge the call to your phone account & select line 55. NZ$4.95/min.*
Call 0800 110 253 to charge the call to your credit card & select line 55. NZ$3.50/min.*

*Higher mobile/payphones. Readings for guidance only. Infodial.

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