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   Dream Interpretation .:

Know the meaning of your Dreams
We all have many dreams and sometimes some of them may return again and again. Through the Universal Psychic Guild dream interpretation section you are able to look into your dreams and unravel the mysteries of your sleeping state. You will find out why you are dreaming certain events or situations in your dreams and look further into the deeper aspects of your life.

Find out the meanings and message of your dreams. You will receive your personalised dream interpretation via e-mail. You can even choose your preferred dream interpreter.

  Each week, Universal Psychic Guild will interpret a select number of your dreams for free. Check out our archives to read the answers for others who have had similar dreams to you.
  Interpret your own dreams by looking up the dream symbols in your dreams in our online free dream dictionary.
  Here are some articles on dream interpretation and dream symbol meanings which have been written by our psychics:
  •  Dreams by Rosetta
  What do you dream of? CARS? HOUSES? BABIES? They all indicate messages from the subconcious mind, and can give you an insight to your future direction.
  •  Dreams (Part 2) by Rosetta
  Sometimes dreams can be omens giving an auspicious signal about a future event.
  •  Dreams by Andree
  Dreams occur during REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, when we are in a deep,deep sleep. Usually that dream is telling us symbolically about something that has occurred or is about to occur that our angels (spirit guides) want us to be alert to.
How often do you dream? Do you dream in colors? How about dreams about rainbows and unicorns? Dreams sometimes tell us what we must do or give us signs for what's to co […]
Did you ever have that magical feeling whenever you wake up from a very good dream? Most of us wake up smiling when something great happen in our dreams and wake up cry […]
Most people say that dreams happen in our heads 5 minutes before we wake up. Sometimes we remember what we dreamt about and sometimes we don't, but if ever we remember […]
Dreams are as common an occurrence as sleeping, and while, for the most part, people don't remember their dreams completely if at all, dream analysis has always been a […]
Treated by many as a way to get in touch with the subconscious, dreams have become famous messengers of purported hidden messages and meanings in between the lines. Aus […]
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