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Much can be learnt from our dreams. Here, we uncover the true meanings of your dreams. Each week, Universal Psychic Guild will interpret a select number of your dreams for free.

As only a certain number of free interpretations can be given, we recommend that you get an email dream interpretation for a guaranteed and personalised response.

Recent Dream Interpretations:
I have had two dreams where I have caught my girlfriend cheating. The first I went to her home knocked on her door, she opened the door and I could see the woman in bed. Second I saw her with a woman at her home again.
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I was in the mountains(snowy) during winter on a plane in the co-pilot seat and my friend was flying. The plane crashed, but I survived some how. I started screaming that "it was a miracle" that I survived. No one could tell I was in the crash or believed me as I had no bruisers or anything. Then they covered up the plane with snow to ensure others did not know about the crash.
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I was in a school, went into restroom, laid some of my favorite clothes on back of toilet seat. When I flushed, the clothes were flushed too! I went to let someone know, and while we talked, geyser of water exploded from under the floor. Water seemed clean and clear. Nobody hurt, not even much commotion, but I was now on the hook to pay for the broken water main, along with everything else I have to pay.
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Dream Interpretation Archive - check out our archives to see if your question has been answered, or read the answers for others who have had similar dreams to you.

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Each week, only a select number of dreams will be chosen for interpretation. Please provide a detailed description of your dream- this will not only increase your chances at having your dream selected, but will also give you a more accurate interpreation. (Submissions less than 25 words will not be answered). If your dream is selected, we will post the interpretation with your full name and location here on the website so that others can also find meaning in their own similar dreams.
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