Is your house haunted?

Through out history we have heard of various lost spirits roaming this earth plane and are often unsure of what has occurred to them and why. We all remember hearing and in some cases sharing ghost stories in our youth and recall movies and novels based on ghostly experiences.

A ghost is simply a spirit which has passed on from this earth plane. In some instances where people have died suddenly or tragically and have suicided they are present in the lowest level of the spirit world know as the astral. These spirits are often confused about their surroundings and are earth bound because of their past religious beliefs or the circumstances in which they died.

It has been reported throughout history where ghosts have been seen or heard in homes. These sightings can vary from seeing fine mists in an almost human shape to full size apparitions which clearly shows human features.

Ghosts have been known to reside in homes for a number of reasons:

Firstly they have been past residents of the house they are occupying or they may have resided near the home. Secondly they may have had some contact in the past with the present occupants. This could be because they are related or friends of the presents occupants.

Ghosts can appear to you in a number of ways. They can be seen in human form or in some instances can be felt or heard. You may have experienced any of the following and this may indicate that you have a haunted house.

In severe cases you may be experiencing some poltergeist activities in your home such as plates smashing, doors slamming shut, vases or ornaments rocking or loud thumping on walls or floors. Often this type of activity is being created by a negative angry ghost which is caught on the astral plane.

If you are experiencing any of these type of activities you may wish to protect your house by mediating and imagining a bright light covering your house and protecting you and the other occupants. If you see a ghost ask it to leave if you feel uncomfortable with its presence and tell the ghost to move towards the white light which is present on the astral plane. This will draw the ghost to other spiritual levels and thus leaving the astral plane and your home.