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How to get rid of unwanted ghosts

Ghosts can appear to you in a number of ways. They can be seen in human form or in some instances can be felt or heard. You may have experienced any of the following and this may indicate that you have a haunted house.

* You have seen a shadow in the corner of your eye

* You have felt someone brush past you

* You have felt a cold sensation when entering a particular room

* You have heard noises in the house that are not easily explained

* You have felt a presence around you

In severe cases you may be experiencing some poltergeist activities in your home such as plates smashing, doors slamming shut, vases or ornaments rocking or loud thumping on walls or floors. Often this type of activity is being created by a negative angry ghost which is caught on the astral plane.

In order to rid your house of unwanted ghosts you may wish to try any of the following exercises:

* Begin by mediating and protect your house by imagining a bright light covering your house and protecting you and the other occupants.
This technique will give you an invisible yet powerful shield against unwanted ghosts.

* If you see a ghost and feel uncomfortable with its presence tell the ghost to leave your home and move towards the white light which is present on the astral plane. This will draw the ghost to other spiritual levels and thus leaving the astral plane and your home.

* Cleanse your home on a regular basis by imagining a white light cleansing each room in your home and taking with it all the negative energies and ghosts you wish to remove. Imagine the negative energies being dispelled into the earth. Once you have cleansed the house protect it with the white light and fill each room with love and positive energies.

* Ensure you do not conduct seances and use the widgie boards in your home that also might attract ghosts on the astral plane.

* Ensure that the energies in and around your home are positive and that the occupants and visitors are not attracting ghosts of a negative nature.

By following these simply yet effective exercises you can rid your home of unwanted ghosts and negative energies.




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