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   AstroGirl's 2014 Yearly Horoscope Outlook - Now here!

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Our great friend and brilliant astrologer AstroGirl has looked into the stars to see what 2014 has in store for you!

AstroGirl's cosmic overview for 2014... the good, the bad and the ugly...


(January 21 – February 19)
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Ruled by Uranus, the planet of unpredictability, you have an inbuilt shock sensor that allows you to roll with the punches more than most, which will come in handy in 2014, which looks to be a year of sudden shifts for you, domestically and professionally. In your 3rd house of thoughts and communication all year, you have endless possibilities this year – and options no one but you will be able to see. Plus with Jupiter the opportunist moving into your relationship zone mid-July, you’ll win every popularity contest in town!


Single: With passionate Mars in Libra your 9th house of travel and higher learning through July 16, you will find more than a few crushes and lovers while doing either or both. Venus in your sign in March adds to your jenesequa and you have your pick of the litter. The weekend of July 13 is especially meaningful with Venus in Gemini and passionista Mars in Libra makes it a great time to be out and about, smiling and happy September could bring with it a way too possessive love interest and you run the other way into the arms of someone just as freewheeling as you around September 25. October is a good time to meet someone while traveling for work and or pleasure. Check out the departure lounge and try to snag a seat close by your chosen one. Listen out for cuties with accents too.

Partnered: You actually give a damn about Valentine’s Day this year and make plans for once. Money and how you value it becomes an important discussion that needs to be had with your other half in April. You’re in a great and generous mood in August and could surprise your lover with a pricey gift – just because. Be spontaneous in October and allow your partner to make the decisions and lead you around for once. Just make sure you don’t get so busy and preoccupied in November and December that you fail to spend enough quality time alone with your partner.


Saturn the planet of focus and structure spends the year in your 10th house of career and ambition. You won’t have as many career options and opportunities as you would like and some of you will feel stuck in a rut. However that doesn’t mean you have to misbehave to drum up some fun. Avoid pulling the rug out from under any authority figure who happens to be getting in your way in February. It won’t work out the way you want it to. April 15, a potent lunar eclipse urges you to pick up where you left off on your studies – full or part time or put in for an overseas transfer. And just when you thought things were settling down career wise, a solar eclipse October 23 in your career zone will shake things up. This could be the beginning of a power struggle between you and one of the powers that be that lasts well into 2015.


You’re not as materialistic as most others so you usually manage to save more money than most others. However in February under the tutelage of Neptune, you’ll actually spend money on rather frivolous items and enjoy it. Real estate ventures and home improvements done in June will do well and a group financial venture in November is not as crazy an idea as it first sounds. Your coffers could benefit from your partner’s coffers in 2014. Jupiter in your relationship zone from July 16 on is a sign of good luck. And more cash into the household!


Energizer Mars in your 9th house of travel and higher education through July 16 has even the most reluctant Aquarius homebody with their passports ready and bags packed. From May 19 on, it’s a great time to visit a long lost friend or family member that has been on your mind lately. Meeting your partner’s family for the first time might involve a trip interstate or overseas in August and as nervous as you are, know that they will love you. A first trip together for newly in love Aquarians is best taken in sexy September.

Your lucky 2014 days: Your New Moon day January 31st & June 18

Lucky month: October

By AstroGirl

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