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Operator Code: 104
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For a phone reading with Kelly, see bottom of the page for details.


Spiritual Profile

~Receive divine guidance on your concerns and questions.
Discover what obstacles may be holding you back ~ unlock the mystery today ~

I am direct and efficient with messages in your reading session.

It is best to have something you wish to ask or questions you would like answered. For me to focus on with spirit.
When the clearer your questions, the more clearer spirit messages can be for you.

I perform my readings using Tarot Cards and clairvoyance, sometimes angel cards can be used.

As well as giving you insight to Past Life and Karmic Lessons you may have, to understand why you may be experiencing difficulties in relationships and how they may be connected to past life.

I have been reading for over 13 years, as a professional clairvoyant tarot reader. Giving clients insights and assistance to their questions around love, money and future directions.

My readings are carried out with most integrity and accuracy.

I can guide you with answers,
However, what you do with that guidance and information is your own free will.

To assist others with divine insight on their spiritual journey gives me much joy with each reading.

I have read for clients, in Australia as well as UK and USA. and Asia Pacific. Through both email and phone.

You can find me online avail aust. during mornings and USA .late afternoon /evening..


"Kelly (104) is very accurate!" - By Benedict, Australia
"Kelly (104) is the best" - By Kylie, USA
"Kelly (104) amazes me with her accuracy and insights" - By Val, NSW, Australia
"Kelly (104) has eased my mind tremendously" - By Debra, Longview
"Kelly (104) couldn’t be more right" - By Kaitlyn, USA
"Kelly (104) knows what she is doing!" - By Debra W., Texas, USA
"Kelly (104) is amazingly accurate and awesome" - By Debra, Longview
"Kelly (104) - Your insight was very enlightening" - By Yvonne, Carson
"Kelly (104) - WOW!" - By Donna Richardson, Bendigo
"Great advice and insight from Kelly (104)" - By Stephanie, New Zealand

SMS Psychic Reading with Kelly

Australia - Sms the keyword op104 to 199 000 80.
^SMS costs $4.50 per 160 characters. You will be charged the advertised per-message price each time your message exceeds 160 characters. Carriage fees may apply. Help 1800 227 351. Infodial. 18+

More Info on SMS readings


Psychic Preparation

I call upon my guides and angels to assist and guide me in passing on information and messages to you from Divine source,giving you answers and insight.

My role is to be a messenger from spirit and universe to you.


  • Laws Of Attraction - Ask and you shall receive
  • Explore your Past Life
  • Energy of 2012
  • Planetary Changes Creating New Consciousness

Phone Readings

Kelly is available at the following times for Phone readings:

Day Time
Sunday 10:00pm - 5:00am US EDT +11 -5
Monday 10:00pm - 4:00am US EDT +11 -5
Tuesday 10:00pm - 4:00am US EDT +11 -5
Wednesday 8:00pm - 9:00pm US EDT +11 -5
10:00pm - 3:00am US EDT +11 -5
Friday 12:00am - 4:00am US EDT +11 -5
Saturday 1:00am - 6:00am US EDT +11 -5

How to speak with Kelly on the Phone:
   1   Please select what country you are calling from:
   2   Call (Please select your country)
   3   Key in the operator code 104 when prompted to do so

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