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Operator Code: 127
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About Paije
Spiritual Profile
Paije is now in her 11th year of giving spiritual psychic readings. Paije is a compassionate and warm person, who is happy to read on all aspects of life. No matter how big or small your question is nothing is too much of a challenge for her. Paije excels in birth numbers and love relationships.
Below are some examples of what my clients ask....
Does he/she love me?
Should I start study or new career?
If a person is trustworthy or not?
What changes in my life do I need to make?
I am unsure of ------? And much more....
"Quick fix/fortune telling" is not my style ~ but Quality insight is!
Please note: It is always best to call with an open energy and to be truthful with me in giving me your name and birth numbers, as giving false information will only compromise a true reading and energy flow.

Paije (127) is the best psychic I have contacted over the years - By Dempsey Kljellgren, Australia
Paije (127) is accurate and consistent - By Gregg, Australia
Paije (127) is very focused - By Georgia, Australia
Paije (127) blew me away - By Sheree Lucas, Australia
Paije (127) helped me get my life back on track - By Annette Petchell, Australia
Paije (127) gives an honest opinion and offers sound advice - By Zara, Australia
Paije (127) is very accurate and a very good listener - By Heidi, Australia
Paije (127) was amazingly sweet - By Victoria, United States
Paije (127) is an amazing, sweet and nice reader - By Kylie, United States
Paije (127) is worth every cent spent for a reading - By Ruby, Australia
Great reading with Paije (127) - By Chris Pattinson, Australia
Paije (127) is very accurate - By Raymond, Australia
I had the most amazing reading ever with Paije (127) - By Annette, Australia
How to get a reading with Paije

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