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By Rosetta
Operator Code: 142

Please Note: These articles are copyright by Universal Psychic Guild and their respective authors. You may not use these articles for any purposes without the express written permission of Universal Psychic Guild or their author.

How often do you find joy in your life?

Are you able to be thankful for every blessing that comes your way?

Can you find time to give thanks for all the blessings you receive every day of your life?

Do you take time out to laugh at yourself rather than others and do what gives you the most joy?

Do you find a lightness to your step because you took time to love yourself and be kind to yourself?

When in doubt try grapefruit essential oil to lighten your step and massage into stomach area...

Call Amber Rose Operator Code 142 for more details.

Summertime and the Living is Easy
Unconditional Love

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