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   What is a Soulmate?
By Fionna
Operator Code: 236

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In the Western world we talk about finding our soulmate to marry. "He is my soulmate." or "I like him but I don't know if he is my soulmate", these are statements many people make in the search for love.

However, in the Eastern philosophy, a soulmate is someone who will be with you through many lives and will travel down the same paths with you time and time again as you experience incarnation. They are the ones who will stand with you through the all the troubles and challenges you face and understand, without being told, the many things that make you the individual you are. You are as 'one' with that person. It can be a man or a woman! This is the big difference between our Western ways.

In the Eastern way you can find a husband or a wife and choose them for many reasons - love, looks or even wealth! But you would not necessarily expect them to be your soulmate. In fact it is considered dangerous because if they leave you or the marriage goes wrong, you will be left without your soulmate for all eternity. You will have lost your closest spiritual partner and will have to find your way alone.

"It has somehow stuck in its incomplete form to represent the perfect love, when in fact it is the perfect friend."

Many eastern people find it bewildering to understand this emphasis put on 'finding' or 'marrying' the soulmate. They believe the soulmate will find you as destiny plans. It is because the idea found its way into America during the sixties interest in Indian things but in fact it was a 'watered down' version. It has somehow stuck in its incomplete form to represent the perfect love, when in fact it is the perfect friend.

So don't despair if you don't find your 'soulmate'. Leave that to Fate. But the perfect love? That's a whole different ball game!

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