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The Lovers
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   The focus of this card is on...
Your focus is on sudden and unpredictable changes, love, friendship, unions and meetings, choice, travel, and personnel property.

You may be faced with a dilemma that needs attention or a decision on your part, you will have to make a choice, to continue or move on in a different direction.
You may be experiencing difficulties with family members, you are shouldering too many responsibilities and this is causing a rift between you and others in the home. You need to communicate these problems to the appropriate people in order to resolve them as they may be unaware of the reason for your tension and resentment. Be firm and determined in insisting that the burdens be shared equally.

Your relatives may be experiencing problems with their home, property, or real estate, this may be in the avenue of buying or selling, or major repairs may be required.
You may also suffer consequences or get into a predicament because of another, but you will do the right thing, or someone will correct the problem or remove it from you.

You will have a much needed confrontation with someone you considered a friend, don’t go easy on them as you are justified.
You may be feeling that you are trapped in a dead end situation or marriage, you will have to come to a decision whether to try to improve the relationship or end it. For lovers there may be a separation on the cards, this will leave you feeling frustrated and alienated. You will be quite surprised when you can easily put them out of your mind. You will have a social introduction to someone new, or an admirer will call when they hear the news of your parting. So what you considered a negative situation will turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

The lover’s card suggests a relationship that is enduring and powerful much more than a passing affair. This association could lead to marriage. Romantic love and sexual attraction is the beginning of this relationship, then deepening to a more connected level when you are both in tune with each other. On the reverse or challenge of this relationship there could be a complex web of deception that could create havoc in the end. A third partner is indicated or eternal triangle or you both may be inclined to infidelity. It is advised not to make any final decisions at this point as your distress may be clouding your judgment. Wait until you are in a calmer frame of mind and ultimately the choice will become crystal clear to you.
You may be very disappointed about the sudden ruin of a project, plan, or business venture. Unfortunately you are unable to exert any influence over the situation. People around you may not seem interested in the work you do, or what you are selling, but you will find that new avenues will open up, offering unexpected gain in a different direction.

Ideas will flow easily and unexpected good fortune and prosperity will come through things involving papers.

You will have enough money to pay your bills and cover your needs. You will be earning money through commissions, trade, or skills. If you need money for something, it will be there to cover it.
You are presently focused on your work, studies and reaching your goals. You tend to be a loner but this is going to change as you will begin to be invited to many social activities and outings. There will be many very interested admirers but past failures will make you very wary of repeating your past mistakes. There may be a phone call or two from interested parties that will lead to social outings. Although you may be feeling alone and alienated now, life will begin to offer you many opportunities to get out and about. Be sure you take them with both hands for you will have the time of your life. You will also be receiving money through the mail.
You may be considering improving your body, or deciding to go on a health kick. If you haven’t already begun, go ahead as the results will boost your self worth leaps and bounds. As your image improves, the members of the opposite sex will be drawn your new glow and attractiveness.
You will find that your travel will involve outings with friends and socializing.
You will be very productive around the home. You may be selling your home or property, and will be successful. Be careful of faulty appliances or equipment within the home.

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