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The Devil
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Adverse conditions or negative cycle of events. You are confused or indecisive about decisions and may not be seeing the whole picture. You may be disheartened by the never ending battle to succeed and feel that you are being blocked at every turn. You wish that you could end a negative situation. In the end, you will be fed up with the lack of results for your efforts and are you trying to keep your chin up. You are thinking of giving up or withdrawing from a situation.
You know that a loved one or friend is making you unhappy yet you feel bound or obliged to that person and find it difficult to free yourself from their influence. It is not advisable to force confrontation; this time will not give what you need or want. Family members may be making you feel like an emotional garbage dump. Ensure that you don’t become negative and resentful as you will find it will just reflect back onto you.
If you are hoping for a union or reconciliation with someone, you will find that you will be blocked in some way. You may still care deeply for one you have parted with and wish to recover what was lost or to begin again. There might be some confrontations and arguments with those around you and unfortunately they will have the upper hand. There is also some indication of a sexual aberration, bondage or dead end love affair.
You will be feeling depressed or will be in a negative state of mind. There seems to be no escape from your work load. You seem to have too much work to handle and you have too work hard for little profit or gain and as a result, you will feel frustrated and irritated. There are financial difficulties around you at the moment and unexpected losses resulting from bad checks, investments or adverse conditions. You will soon have the opportunity to make more money, so don’t worry. A business merger or plan will fail because circumstances will impede any further progress or development.

There may also be confrontations with someone in your work place and you will be extremely angry with an associate and will take action to let them know it. An unexpected bill will arise that you have not considered or budgeted for.
You will find that you seem to be experiencing situations where you are not in control. The best course to follow is to wait things out. There may be many unexpected complications in situations around you and you will realize what you have been pursing cannot be continued. Also there may be a negative confrontation with someone. This could be someone you dislike or who has done you wrong. These negative situations will help you learn and gain insight in to yourself.

If you forge ahead blindly, without making plans or proceeding with caution, your situation will get worse. It is advisable at this time to be patient and focus on being in control; soon things will become more positive and clearer.
You will be over tired and run down and things will be hectic at work. Due to stress, you will be having sleeping problems as there are too many things on your mind. You need to slow down and you may decide to start an exercise program, this will help you burn off excess stress that you will be experiencing.
A trip is going to be postponed due to unavoidable circumstances.
This is not a good time to push for results or to move to a new home or location. Wait for a short time, as a more positive situation is coming.

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