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The Moon
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Inner disturbances or feelings of disquiet or dread or foreboding. Situations are deceptive or changeable in whatever area is important to you at the moment.

You will be feeling crushed by a huge disappointment, someone or something you counted on has let you down and you will be completely devastated. You are going to be disillusioned by others actions, words or deeds and you may have been chastised unfairly.
If you are planning to entertain a friend or have a get together with someone on a project at home, it will prove to be a very disillusioning experience. Upsetting conditions will arise, making you feel confused, uncertain or threatened. There will be many emotional constraints imposed upon you. You will find that there will be changes and you will gain a new perspective. You’ll become more balanced and a lot happier.
You will be disheartened and disappointed in a relationship you thought would work but it didn’t. You will have a sense of disorientation and will be confronted with conflicts that will need a great deal of emotional control. Your responses may be inconsistent and changeable. Expect an upsetting or disappointing message concerning someone you love or care for. You may also receive an unexpected call and won’t be too pleased about it, because it will upset or bother you.
You will be unprepared for an altercation you will encounter at work. You may be involved or concerned about your mail or the arrival of something important through the mail. What once looked promising or entertaining will prove to be the opposite. Likewise, what you thought would be enjoyable will then turn in to a test of endurance.

A new trend or group effort will begin and things will work out after major changes have been confronted and acted upon. You will need to be strong willed and call on your strength of character. If money is owed, you will be paid, but you will feel short changed or cheated. Expect some very fortunate adjustments in your dealings with others, group efforts and friendship.
You may be feeling disillusioned confused and uncertain about a friend or lover and won’t be able to sort your feelings out.

You will be looking for answers. The information you receive will be difficult to follow but don’t give up. Strife, conflict confusion and despair from old woulds and grudges will cease to exist. Try to be neutral and take the middle road and this will free you from the anxieties of win/fail, have/have not, pleasure/pain situations.

There will be many unforeseen changes and unexpected occurrences and only when you are prepared for things to be the way they really are and accept them as they are, only then will they change. You can’t run from problems – the only way is through them. Change will bring a new perspective and a new you. By putting your insecurities behind you, you will be a much stronger happier person. You will overcome your muddled thinking and your feelings of trouble or dread and after a period of despair and devastation, you will achieve success and all will end on a happy note.

Something you thought was lost, hopeless, or Impossible will be revived, replaced or purchased.
You could be having some strange physical disorders such as Insomnia, bad dreams, lumps, bumps and sleep more than usual. You may also experience disorientation.
If you are planning a trip or outing it will be unpleasant due to many unforeseen problems or disturbing influences that will cause you to return sooner than usual or will make you wish you hadn’t gone at all.
You will be disheartened or disillusioned with others who let you down, this could be regarding promises of help with renovation or repair or non–support in the selling or buying of a home and or property.

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