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New personal relationships, new business ventures or partnerships, beneficial help, improved conditions, changes in habit and purpose.

You will be disappointed in something which did not, or is not working out as anticipated, but this is a temporary condition.

You could be troubled by an unexpected confrontation or agreement over money or legal rights. You wish you could bury the past and start all over again. You also need to know whether or not to invest your time or money in a new relationship or enterprise.
Your friends and loved ones will be supportive and nurturing.

You will receive some good news or an uplifting message from or concerning a relative.

There may be some decisions to be made which will be left up to you, you will also receive an unexpected visitor in your home very shortly.
You will be in the process of breaking away from the past. You may be feeling very sad and alone, because you feel that you will never forget, or stop loving that person. Someone’s attitude or actions will make you think twice about seeing them again, reuniting again or continuing the relationship. You will be remembering an old love and feeling very nostalgic for the way things where and wish with all your heart that you could feel that way again.
You will be formulating new methods or ideas in your paperwork or someone you’ve worked with will channel more business your way.

You will experience improved conditions in the form of a money judgment, settlement, payment or profit shares. You are going to be paid off for long standing debts, and you will find out something you need or want to know. You will receive new inspiration on a dead end or abandoned endeavor. Any business or work prospects will be beneficial and rewarding, also finances will be improving in the near future.
The resolving of both inner and outer conflicts will mark the red of suffering and confusion. Conditions will begin to improve shortly, changes in attitude through self development will bring new purpose, meaning or motivation to your work and life. There will be help given when you need it, and you will easily be able to resolve any arguments or dilemmas that occur. A situation will present itself that will suddenly chance your thoughts, feelings or plans, this could be in regard to a romantic matter. In time things are going to improve more than you thought or hoped for. You will experience a feeling of progress and a new beginning. There will be a new avenue or escape brought about by another, and you may receive a gift of roses, expect a positive response from a favor you ask of another and you will be receiving a letter containing money – something to do with the past. Some very uplifting news will provide a turning point for you, remember to accept what is going to be offered, it could change your life.
You will hear about someone you care for becoming very ill [ this could be to do with their heart) For yourself, you may experience dizzy spells or light handedness, this could be related to your diet.
A short trip will prove to be very beneficial because you will meet a new admirer or someone who will help you with your work. Whatever the case may be, it will be a significant encounter.

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