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The Star
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   The focus of this card is on...
The futures faith and what could be. You will be hurt or disappointed by harsh words, enforced estrangement and circumstances that block your development for the time being.

You will be unhappy with the status of your work and will want things to change or improve. You will want to find or regain a sense of meaning, inspiration or purpose to your life and hope your future will be better than your past.
A relative will have problems with bookings, confirmations or legal documents.

Someone around you is going to provide a feeling of safety or substance and respite from the cares of the world. Friends and family will offer advice and give you insights and these will help you resolve and deal with any problems you may be experiencing.
You will feel bound to another through an emotional link or karmic tie and even if you wanted to let go, you couldn’t. You may be troubled by a yearning heart that is if you can’t have/you can’t let go. You will be feeling a lack of love or fulfillment in your life and dream or hope to meet someone special. Something will happen which will inspire you or encourage this wish. Your desires are not in vain and what you are yearning for will ultimately be fulfilled. Someone new is going to inspire you and give a new meaning to your life and affairs.
You will be involved in paperwork which connects the past with the present and seems to fill in the gaps or elaborates on the original concept.

There will be great strides in your long term professional goals. Assistance will be given to you and you will receive many business calls. Good news will arrive, offering new hope and the promise of future success and fulfillment. Don’t worry about your finances; you’ll be making money in the long term. You may discover a new method, talent or ability that you can bring into your work or work that you will be doing in the future. There will be people who give you ideas or offer insights into possibilities of expanding your business, or they will advise you on what you need to know. Expect news, calls or a letter related to financial gain or profit.
Someone or something will give you insight into what your future might hold. This will be a very positive and inspiring disclosure. You will be reassessing your options and possibilities for your future as a result of a call or caller. Any negative situations will end, and you will receive help or guidance from a friend, teacher or an adviser. You can expect money in the mail or someone has some money for you and wants you to pick it up. You will go on a spontaneous spending spree and will like what you have purchased. Expect financial breaks; there may be a win in a lottery, sweepstakes or lotto game. You may even receive a generous offer or charitable gift. In time, you will begin to feel that things are going to work out after all and your desire or quest has not been in vain. Someone will call you or call to see you on the way home.
You could be deciding to have some medical tests or check ups. You may make the decision to start up an exercise program to improve your health or body shape.
If you own or are looking for real estate, or are concerned about a property, you will sell or maybe lease option it.

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