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The Hanged Man
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   The focus of this card is on...
Your life, values and the way you are thinking.

Your dreams no longer seem valid, and everything that has been done seems hopeless, obsolete or meaningless.

You may be feeling a lack of self worth in regard to your life, or feeling rather anxious about situations and circumstances around you. You have a sense of not knowing where you are going or what to do and you may be waiting for someone to make the first move or do something, and feel that control has been taken out of your hands.

A painful situation is around you at the moment that seems to be restricting or hindering you. You may be feeling discouraged and are striving to find answer or trying to work things out.
You will be spending sometime in a home of a relative or friend that you haven’t seen for a while, The experience will be quite pleasant and comfortable. Your may receive assistance from a family member or friend in regards to a new plan or venture that you have in mind. Be sure that you accept their offer of help or else ask them if they do not offer. Their response will be positive. Any matters that need to be completed or resolved will be accomplished easily. In regard to a particular family member, you may be feeling a little sad, or remorseful. Don’t allow pride to stand in your way of knowing what you should do.
You may be suffering or feeling restriction within your marriage, this could be because the one you are with is not the one that you really love. You feel that the relationship or love affair is not working or has become obsolete, and yet you may not be able to change it, or end it.

Although it may not seem like it now, the situation will begin to resolve itself for the better. Others could be waiting or hoping that a lover or a partner will call, or waiting to see what that person will do next.
You may be concerned that the work you are doing has little value or that you won’t be able to sustain or support yourself in the future. You could also be concerned about the response or opinions of others in your work area or business. There is no need to worry as you will have many repeat clients and a financial increase or profit in regard to income.

You will find that you will be very fortunate money matters and your luck is at a peak, any negative trends will end and a new beginning and a better way of life will emerge. You may even be surprised by a financial opportunity or business proposal that will come your way. This will ease any financial tensions or inject new life into a situation that has fallen into a rut.

Ensure that in any legal matters documents or contracts, that you read the fine print and if you don’t understand it have someone define it more clearly for you. You will be tired of waiting for news or money because you sense deception and distrust with the party involved.
Unsettled conditions will begin to resolve themselves or work out on their own accord. It will be difficult to keep an open minded outlook due to your intense emotional reactions. You may be having reservations about a plan or idea and won’t want to commit yourself as you may feel that the time isn’t right or there is to much hard work involved. You will find that your thinking will begin to change and be totally reversed from your first thoughts. You will also be examining other people’s thoughts and actions in regard to a situation and you will both agree to come together on mutually beneficial terms. A new direction will begin to emerge for you; this will give you new meaning, purpose and inspiration in your life. You will also receive a very beneficial gift and a letter you have waited for will arrive.
You will be feeling edgy and restless. You need to get more rest to help re–energize yourself and get away or have a break from those that are making demands you. Others seem to be taking everything and giving nothing in return.
You will be taking a short trip to a new environment and you may be stranded without means of transport due to repairs or breaking down.

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