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Aries & Libra Personalities

Aries & Libra Compatibility - Ram AriesThey say that each sign possesses some of the qualities of the sign opposite to it and this is certainly true. Aries and Libra, opposite each other, carry a lot of one another’s characteristics. Even if they vehemently deny it and feel like they are coming from opposite ends of the world. Which they are, in many ways. Aries is all about the individual, and so they are enormously independent, self-absorbed, direct and assertive. They’re usually also magnetic to the opposite sex. Librans are all about compromise and mediation, and they put others first – especially the ones they love – before themselves.

Aries & Libra Compatibility - Scales LibraOf course, neither approach always works. One cannot be a people pleaser all the time, nor can one always be putting oneself first. In this way, these two find a wonderful balance of opposite extremes and can be very compatible. Both are leaders, although Aries is the more obvious leader. Librans, however, are often found to be the ones suggesting activities, organising special events and making things happen. Aries will probably find Libra at a party, telling everyone what to do and making sure they’re all having a good time.

Finding the Balance

Aries loves how Libra tries to always accommodate their strong needs, and Libra enjoys having someone making decisions as they are often torn between options. The airy lightness of Libra is also appreciated by the fiery Aries. Aries likes positivity and a “can do” attitude. They don’t like being weighed down by much. The Libran supplies creative ideas of things to do, and Aries actually does them, being such an action orientated sign. The Libran may not always approve of how aggressive the Aries can sometimes be, whatever they are doing. On the other hand, though, the Aries may find it frustrating that Libra is always seeking the approval of everyone else before acting. Once again, they carry many of these qualities hidden inside of themselves. So, once they recognise that, they become a touch less annoyed. There can be a spell-like atmosphere in this relationship.

Aries & Libra Dating

These two will find each other seriously attractive. Aries has natural magnetism that just draws people in. They are often very confident, fun-loving and passionate. Their enthusiasm is always contagious. Librans are the Love Gods and Goddesses of the zodiac, so even their friendliness is flirtation. Aries will usually give chase to Libran, regardless of who is the man or the woman. Libra will love being so flattered and adored. Libra is clever. They have a knack of letting the Aries feel like they are working hard but also giving them the attention they need so they don’t feel rejected. One word of warning: once Libra and Aries are actually exclusive, Aries will not take kindly to the flirtation of the Libra. They will have to tone it down quite a bit as the Aries can get very possessive indeed. They are ruled by the War planet Mars after all!

How Does the Sharing Work With These Two?

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Dating should be very pleasurable in this relationship. Aries is very good at wooing, and Libra is deeply romantic without becoming soppy or sentimental. Libran people have excellent taste and know all the best coupley things to do. They are born to share experiences with the ones they love, and they are compromising to boot. So, they will be able to happily enjoy the things that Aries loves. Aries will want to explore the great outdoors, to get active, and crave new things. Libra will go along with this, and provide the romance. The Aries can leave the flowers and wine up to the Libra.

When Aries people fall, they fall hard, and the object of their devotion will know it. Libra will lap up the attention, thoroughly enjoying being the centre of attention, just as Aries will also love being number one in the Librans’s life. In fact, being number one is all the Aries really wants; to feel loved, support and boosted. Doing an Online Love Reading can shed further light into their relationship.

Aries & Libra Sexuality

The sexual nature with these two, as with all things, is opposite, but as with everything else, they balance each other out. They find a very harmonious groove. Aries likes instant gratification, and Libra loves romance and mental connection before engaging physically. Aries might get a little impatient with having to talk and do all the things, yet this is something they need to learn, no matter who they are with. As sexy and magnetic as they are, and as much energy as they have to do it again and again, Aries does need to learn the fine art of pleasing their partners before themselves. Aries can be rather selfish in bed, just as Libran can be too giving and wanting to please, at their own expense.

LustLibrans are the givers in relationships, and this extends to sex. They will find out what their Aries likes best and go out of their way to make them happy. Yet the Libran may not always ask for what they want. So this is where they learn from Aries who is very clear, open and honest about what they like and won’t hesitate to ask for it. These two, fortunately, find each other irresistible in the bedroom. So it becomes easy to learn from each other and find a place where both feel satisfied. Aries’ fire is hard to resist and the Libran gets swept away by their ardour. Just as the Aries loves how coy and sexy the Libran is, and how well they seem to understand love and the art of lovemaking.

Aries & Libra Emotional

Emotionally, these two can work together quite well. The Aries is a fire sign, meaning they are more reactive, passionate and direct with their feelings, sometimes to the point of aggression. Librans, being air signs, are a little more detached and rational. They are able to step away from the reactivity of Aries and see the situation for what it is rather than get embroiled in an emotional drama. So, as much as Aries may like a bit of fight and fire, the Libran won’t really engage, which is a very good thing.

hand holdingNeither of these signs is overly heavy and serious emotionally. They like to keep things positive and upbeat; especially the Libran. So, when it comes to sharing their feelings, they do it lightly and on a positive note.  These two can have a lovely emotional connection, even though they are very different. The Libran always calms the Aries’ temper down and helps them to see reason when they are wound up. They also help them step outside of their own emotional needs and be a little more considerate. Aries shows Libra that losing their temper at times can be constructive and helpful in the right situation. Sometimes, the Aries may find the Libran a little cool when they want more heat, but it is probably for the best that Libra doesn’t burn as hotly.

Aries & Libra Intellectual

Librans, being air signs, just love to talk and debate things. They aren’t necessarily argumentative, but they will usually win an argument, despite the Aries’ blustering and fighting back. Librans keep the conversation cool, calm and collected. They are very rational compared to the enthusiasm and quick-thinking Aries. Aries will make a decision in a split second without any thoughts of the consequences. This can either be really rather good or conversely, end up being a big mistake. Librans never make a decision without taking a long, long time, gathering advice, weighing options and them finally picking a path. This will drive Aries mad, and they may push the Libran to move faster, which is not altogether a bad thing. Just as the Libran can help the Aries to slow down and consider things before they rush ahead.

These two will argue plenty. However, it will take the form of debate usually as the Libra won’t give in to the temper of Aries. Aries can get as defensive as they want, but Libra knows just how to dismantle their defenses and make them see reason. Libra may try and avoid the conflict that Aries always brings, so in that way, the conversation can sometimes get challenging. This will mean that the Aries needs to learn that not every chat is an offer to argue. On the other hand, however, Libra needs to be okay with the occasional argument every now and then!


Aries & Libra Compatibility - Love ScrabbleThese two really are a great match, and prove that opposites really do attract. They do come from very different places. The Libran being the conflict-avoiding diplomat, and Aries being pushier and more assertive. But the truth is that they need each other to find more balance inside of themselves. They find each other very sexy, attractive and interesting, and they inspire and motivate one another. Both tend to put maximum effort in, and really want things to work, which is why they usually do.

Both have a wonderfully loving and romantic side. So, they will love spending time together and learning from each other. Libra will make sure to go out of their way and bend over backwards for the Aries, and Aries will notice this and reciprocate with loyalty and honesty.

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