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Thanks for enjoying Astrogirl's Celebrity Report! Whilst we are no longer updating this page on a monthly basis, please return again for our new interesting Horoscope Zodiac information section with Celebrity insights by Astrogirl- coming soon!

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Pisces – the most sensitive and romantic sign in the zodiac…until they hit the bottle, do drugs and have an emotional breakdown that is…oh..And they also love being in love, getting engaged, married, divorced and remarried again…or they stay with the same person forever…one fish swimming upstream, one down after all…

So who’s a Pisces?

• Drew Barrymore
• Kellan Lutz
• Cindy Crawford
• Javier Bardem
• Rihanna
• Jon Bon Jovi
• Liz Taylor
• Kelsey Grammer
• Jennifer Love Hewitt
• Justin Bieber
• Jessica Biel
• Madden twins
• Ke$ha
• Adam Levine
• Queen Latifah
• James Taylor
• Chaz Bono
• Bruce Willis
• Kat Von D
• Jon Hamm

What a mix of people born under the sign of Pisces! From goody two shoes Carrie Underwood to teen scream Justin Bieber to 8 times married Liz Taylor and newlywed (for a 4th time) quick to the altar Kelsey Grammer! The ink dried on his divorce on Thursday February 17th and he just married Friday February 25…to a young 29 year old ex flight attendant. Jon Hamm has been with his sweetie Jennifer Westlandt for 12 plus years – no marriage or kids, while Jon Bon Jovi married his childhood sweetheart.

Meanwhile how many boyfriends/fiancées has Jennifer Love Hewitt had? She just can’t seem to get em to the altar…but she must have a nice assortment of engagement rings. The Maddens might be twins but their dating lives are far from the same. Joel married Virgo Nicole Ritchie last year and has 2 kids while Benji continues to prowl the Universe looking for ‘the one’.

A lot of celebs are turning 30 this year – in fact this is a huge Saturn return year for major celebs like Gemini Natalie Portman (Academy award winner and mum to soon be), proud mumma and just turned 30 Aquarius Alicia Keys, Sagittarius Britney Spears doesn’t turn 30 until December 4, Aquarius Paris Hilton, Virgo Rachel Bilson, Taurus Jessica Alba (who’s also preggers), Aquarius Justin Timberlake turned 30 January 31st while Virgo Beyonce turns 30 September 4. Nicole Ritchie is another Virgo turning 30 while Capricorn Sienna Miller who just dumped fellow Capricorn Jude Law also turns 30. Big year for 30 and celebs turning the big 30. What is Saturn return those of you turning 30 ask??

Saturn’s return – what does it all mean?

Saturn often gets a bad cosmic rap. Known for his strong disciplinarian ways and party pooper vibe, Saturn is the planet of responsibility and time management. However he plays a pivotal role in our lives. This taskmaster planet also rules caution, delay, constriction, limitation, responsibility, learning the hard way and denial. While that all sounds pretty horrible, think about this before you start to dread his return! Without him, there would be little progress because there would be no discipline, no leaders, no standards, controls or hard work. Just chaos.

Every 29–46 years Saturn returns to the place it occupied when you were born. Something big happens every 29–30 years in every one’s lives. At this time an individual ‘grows up’. You reach astrological maturity at 30 when you’ve had your Saturn return. Great wisdom is reached at 58, a time when Saturn has gone around your cosmic wheel twice. Some people are luckier to reach 87, a third Saturn return of enormous experience, sagacity and insight.

Whenever a Saturn returns occurs (which it’s doing for quite a few fab celebs in 2011), people make adult decisions . People settle down and decide to get married, shack up together, have a baby, buy a home or ground themselves by getting rid of their sports car and opt instead for a soccer mum car or put their ‘young party girl’ outfits away. Permanently.

Saturn is in Libra, the sign of balance and harmony in 2011. The lesson for Saturn in Libra through October 2012 is to learn cooperation in order to develop long term relationships.

And that goes for everyone. We are seeing a lot of break ups and hook ups right now. Rumours abound that Gemini Russell Brand and brand new wife Scorpio Katy Perry aren’t getting along so well. And all those couples that broke up late last year and early 2011 (Gemini Courteney Cox and Virgo David Arquette) aren’t back together are they?

Mercury is going out of phase March 30 – April 23 so April could see some of the exe’s reuniting – like crowd favs Sagittarius Vanessa Hughdens & Libran Zac Efron or Gemini Liz Hurley and Virgo Warne!! In fact Hurley and Warne will be particularly affected by April’s Mercury retrograde and no doubt more King size beds and other bits and pieces will find their way to Warne’s Brighton bachelor love shack.

Plus Uranus the planet of the unexpected and unusual moves into Aries after spending the past 8 years in Pisces. In Aries, there will be a lot of hot hook ups which flame out after weeks/months. We are sure to see some interesting happenings in the world of celebrity with the teaming up of Jupiter and Uranus in fiery Aries through mid–June. Let the game begin!

Pisces Chaz Bono used to be a girl and is now a man thanks to modern technology and hormones. It’s very Piscean to experiment with sexuality – as Pisces are very romantic and sexual. Kat Von D and her Aries loser boyfriend Jesse James are now engaged and rumour has it expecting a baby.

Meanwhile Virgo Charlie Sheen has picked up the craaaaaazzyyyyyyyy that left the Universe when fellow Virgo Michael Jackson departed the Earth. He’s ranting and raving everywhere he can – on radio – on TV – in the street when interviewed by TMZ or whatever other vultures stalk celebs. He has carried on so much that CBS in the US have put his show on hold for the rest of the year. 300 plus people out of work. Shame on you Charlie. Get some help! And stop being such a fame whore!

Justin Bieber’s 15 minutes keep on ticking don’t they? What magic chart does that boy have you ask? He has a very successful chart – Moon in Scorpio (emotionally focused), Sun in creative Pisces, Venus in dreamy Pisces too – so the girls love him and he is a romantic boy while his Mars is in Aquarius – so he has an independent side and doesn’t need other people to tell him what to do or do his work for him. Girlfriend Selena Gomez was born in Texas on July 22 – and being a Cancer/Leo cusper has a great chart too. Selena and Justin work well together – her Leo taps into his Aquarius Mars while her Cancer Sun and his Pisces Sun and Venus and Scorpio Moon suggest this is more than just a fling. However this is Hollywood – not Canada or Texas!

Stay tuned!


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