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   AstroGirl's 2014 Yearly Horoscope Outlook - Now here! - Pisces
Speaker, author, magazine writer and radio presenter - AstroGirl specializes in writing about Astrology and Relationships. More about AstroGirl.
2014 Horoscope for Pisces
Straight through mid-July, your solar 5th house of romance, lovers, children and fun plays host to generous Jupiter in kind-hearted Cancer. Some of you could decide to adopt or foster a child. Others will get pregnant or welcome nieces and nephews into your home. The 2nd half of 2014 is focused on work, health and your well-being overall. There is a strong focus on finances this year Pisces as well, with energizer Mars spending the first half of the year in your joint resources zone and Uranus the planet of unexpected change in your cash flow zone all year.


Single: The first half of the year is a very romantic time for you and a time to meet your soul mate (or someone close to it). Venus the irresistible planet in your sign for most of April makes this the perfect month to make yourself visible and be open and warm to everyone you meet. April 11 is the day when someone who has had their sights set on you for some time finally steps up and lets you know. September is another month youíll attract some serious admirers, one of whom will make you feel more special than you have in years. If youíre already seeing someone, youíll need to see through the instant gratification being offered and consider your options sensibly. If itís a Virgo doing the wooing, be cautious.

Partnered: Valentineís Day is one of your favourite days and in 2014 it will be very special, with a Full Moon that day and Mars the planet of passion in Libra. In March reality bites when you could learn new facts about your partner and as a result your feelings will either intensify or begin to dwindle. Positive partnerships will flourish, others will slowly drift apart and by May 10 some of you will issue an ultimatum. A New Moon August 25 in your partnership zone urges those of you who arenít as happy as they would like to be to either fix this thing or move on. Use the Venus-Saturn square August 26 to give you the guts to say goodbye and mean it. 2014 is definitely a testing year for partnered Pisces and those of you who share the holidays together will attest to that and be stronger than ever before.


Your career could take a rather complicated turn this year due to the presence of Mars the motivator in your joint resources and projects zone the first 6 months. Going into business with someone has always been a thought in your mind but with Jupiter in your self-fulfillment zone, itís now or never Pisces. Plus once Jupiter moves into Leo, your hard work zone through mid-2015, youíre willing to do the work and sacrifice other parts of your life in order to see your dream fulfilled. Saturn the disciplinarian in your 9th house of higher education insists that you take a class or two or some of you could even go back to Uni part of full time. July, October and November are all golden career months for you.


Your paycheck and how you spend it plays a huge role in your life in 2014. Unexpected expenses and windfalls will come your way at any given moment and for those of you who do go into a joint business or investment, you need to trust that other person 99.9%. Mars in your joint resources zone through mid-July will generate extra income if youíre prepared to give up your weekends or nights and do the work. Once Jupiter the good luck planet moves into your hard work zone mid-July as well, youíll adjust to your harder work schedule and take on extra work without even thinking about it. Itís a good time to get involved in selling on E-bay or having garage sales and consignment sales too in October and November.


Saturn continues to travel through your 9th house of long distance travel and some of you will relocate overseas to study or work. Some of you will end up staying longer than your original plan too and really reap the benefits of learning a new skill or relearning an old one. March is a great time to travel with the family as will June. A romantic vacation taken in September will be just what you and your other half needs to keep the passion alive. Try to get a few days of R&R around the New Moon November 22.

Your lucky 2014 days: Your New Moon day March 1 & April 5

Lucky month: September
By AstroGirl
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