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   AstroGirl's 2017 Yearly Horoscope Outlook - Now here! - Gemini
Speaker, author, magazine writer and radio presenter - AstroGirl specializes in writing about Astrology and Relationships. More about AstroGirl.
2017 Horoscope for Gemini
This is a fun kind of year – a creative time for the majority of you with Jupiter the opportunity knocks planet spending most of the year in your romance, creative and self–fulfillment zone. That goes double for those of you born around June 4 or 14 and for those of you who are in the process of turning a hobby into a part time or full time job. If you have worked in banking for example your whole life, you may happen upon a chance to work in a more charitable field – saving the environment, animals or third world people. Which could lead to a less financially rewarding job but spiritually much more rewarding.

Loving what you do and doing what you love is extremely important for you Geminis as you get bored quickly and can get yourselves into trouble at times! You also spread yourself thin and in 2017 focusing on priorities and on carving up your spare time between friends, family, exercising, your partner and your kids/pets. Your biggest cosmic enemy is your inability to get one project done before moving onto the next project and doing the best job you can do versus something quick to get it over with. While Jupiter the biggest planet in the zodiac in your fellow air sign of Libra is a blessing, sometimes it’s like you’re a kid in a candy store...too much sugar and not enough substance.

Romance is your middle name again this year with Jupiter, your love planet in your romance zone through October 10, 2017. However, as well as Jupiter you have Saturn to contend with. Saturn the planet of time management, discipline and focus which is in Sagittarius for the past 2 years has forced existing relationships to be tested. For Gemini’s there has been many a divorce or break up since 2015, and in 2017 flawed relationships are in danger.

In love you all seem to be of two minds – which of course is especially significant since your symbol is that of the Twins – 2 people. One part is very sober, serious and traditional. You want stability and security and favour older, more settled types of people. On the flip side, you want fun, pleasure and nothing too serious. Obviously the best relationship for you is with someone who satisfies both parts of your nature – however, these people are hard to find. Be patient Twins.

Your best times to find love or fall back in love with your partner is July with Venus in your sign and Jupiter in Libra. Librans, Sagittarians and Aquarians are all great match ups for single Geminis in 2017. The workplace becomes a venue for romance after October 10 when Jupiter shifts into your 6th house of work. Office romances and flirtations with coworkers are likely for those of you in need of attention. If you’re attached, you could find yourself in two minds about being in a serious attachment or being attached to the person you’re attached to.

A solar eclipse on February 26 will directly hit your career planet and it occurs in your 10th house of career. So this will bring shake–ups in your company or industry. Course corrections will be needed in your career and you will make them. Remember Twins, you need an idealistic, meaningful career in 2017. Just being successful won’t be enough. Many of you will gravitate to non–profit organizations or charitable or spiritually based jobs and careers. The entertainment world always appeals to and being involved in marketing and PR type of work is always interesting and satisfying for many of you.

Your career is good this year but will get a lot better from October 11 onwards. On that date, Jupiter will start making beautiful aspects to your career planet Neptune. On December 21, Saturn will move away from his stressful aspect to Neptune and this will further improve things. In the meantime you will have to work that extra bit harder – all through the year in fact.

In general, the New and Full Moons tend to be financially strong days for you. The Moon is your financial planet and two Lunar Eclipses in 2017 – February 11 and August 7 – will shake your money tree. These 2 eclipses will force financial course corrections and give you a chance to make necessary changes to your financial life.

You’re someone who, if anything, has an excess of logic and rationality. So there is a need to develop the love and devotional side and allow your spirituality to blossom. Too much rationality can produce a tendency to feel depressed or helpless at times. There are so many things in life that can’t be reasoned away. We must rise above thought and this path will do the trick. If you do feel down about something Gemini, half an hour of chanting will take you right out of it.

Since 2012 you have been on an intense learning curve to find your mission in life. Until you do there will be a sense of dissatisfaction, regardless of how successful you are. It won’t go away until you achieve what you were put here on planet Earth to do. Pay attention to your dreams and ask the Universe to lead you towards your mission and to slowly but surely start living the life you have been wanting to live for a long time.

Best Month: May
Difficult Month: October

Best Playmates: Sagittarius & Aries
Difficult People: Virgo and Scorpio
By AstroGirl
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