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   AstroGirl's 2017 Yearly Horoscope Outlook - Now here! - Sagittarius
Speaker, author, magazine writer and radio presenter - AstroGirl specializes in writing about Astrology and Relationships. More about AstroGirl.
2017 Horoscope for Sagittarius
Saturn, the “steady as she goes” Captain of the cosmic ship has been course correcting in your sign for the past 2 years and will be there through the end of December 2017. While he has brought with him prosperity and financial opportunity, he has also made a small percentage of you a bit colder, more ruthless and business like and even standoffish to others. Your social life has been affected by this to some degree.

Jupiter, your ruler and the planet of abundance spends most of the year in your 11th house of hopes, wishes and friendship. This is a great year for group activities and widening your social and business networking circles. 2017 is a year for manifesting your “fondest hopes and wishes”. With a little help from your friends of course!

Uranus, the planet of the unexpected and unusual has been in your fellow fire sign of Aries since 2011. In your romance, fun and creativity zone, children have been more rebellious and difficult to handle, while for those of you who don’t have kids, you may be involved with someone who does, live next door to a bunch of them or rent a room to young people. While their rebellious side is appealing to you, understand that you can’t give them too much wiggle room...they will take it and then some!

As we touched on above, Saturn has made you stricter and more self–aware in many ways and some of you might not be as fun and outgoing as you were. Romantically as well, your 7th house of relationships hasn’t been strong in some time and romance and new hot to trot lust fests don’t figure in your chart.

Those of you who are married will stay married whilst singles will remain single. You have a lot of social freedom this year and unless you are trapped in a dead end relationship or meet someone worth meeting, chances are you will stay exactly the way you are for this year. Your best cosmic matches are Gemini, Aquarius and Aries.

Your love planet Mercury is second to the Moon, the fastest moving of all the planets. He is also one of the most erratic. Sometimes he moves ultra–fast, sometimes he retrogrades (4 times again this year), sometimes he is motionless. This can make you seem fickle and hard to please – difficult to figure out lovewise. However, this is simply your cosmic DNA. This being the case you ebb and flow with your love life and need a partner with tremendous patience and flexibility.

Socially you are drawn to other fire signs as usual this year – Aries and Leos. You enjoy people with opinions, who are loud and gregarious like yourselves. You like gathering people from all different walks of life – much like Aquarians do and in 2017 will be cultivating more friendships and acquaintances.

The North Node of the Moon will be in your 10th house of career and status until April 29. So your career has been going well and will continue to go well which will be a huge source of fulfillment for you.

Know that you have to “love what you do and do what you love” career wise Sags. You can’t simply do anything for a paycheck like other signs can. Your mind has to be engaged, as does your personality and freedom. Selling real estate, teaching, being a tour guide/travel guide, dance or paddle board instructor...all great jobs for you.

Your sign has been experiencing financial prosperity since late 2014 with Saturn, the planet of focus and discipline lining up in your sign. Through the end of this year, he helps you keep on track money and budget wise. Money is on your mind and you are focused and ready to work hard and save hard.

You have naturally good intuition for the travel business, airlines, foreign investments and for profit universities and colleges. Invest in those things you love and they will love you right back! Just avoid defining yourself in terms of money. Sometimes money distorts and changes people and their perspective on life. Don’t be one of those people.

Your spiritual planet Pluto has been in your money house for many years and for you –– spirituality and understanding of how things work often has strong financial consequences. In truth however, for the majority of you, your intuition is the deciding factor.

In 2017, you’re going deeper into the spiritual (not so much the worldly) laws of wealth. There is much delving into the subconscious blockages and human learning that has to be unpicked. One must contact the “spirit of affluence” itself. All it to come in and teach you how to be affluent.

There is a “spiritual economic” which supersedes everything and you’re getting slowly but surely initiated into this genre in 2017. Spiritual affluence is never about how much we have but about how much we can receive. Even if you were stranded on a desert island, you would still be supplied with everything needed in that environment. Your spiritual lessons will intensify after October 11 when Jupiter your ruler enters your 12th house of self–renewal and subconscious thought.

Best Month: February
Difficult Month: August

Best Playmates: Aquarius & Leo
Difficult Playmates: Cancer & Pisces
By AstroGirl
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