Spiritual Readings Online: How to Find ACCURATE Spiritual Readings and Avoid Scams!

Everyone has those moments in life when some extra support would be helpful or times when things are going wrong but you’re all out of ideas on how to fix them. This is when having an online spiritual reading can really help.

You don’t need to search too hard to find this service as there are some amazing spiritual readers online. These talented psychics work with energy from the spirit world to offer you the information, advice and comfort you need.

There are thousands of spiritual healing online sites, so here we advise you on how to find cheap but genuine spiritual readings from professional psychics.

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How do online spiritual readings work?

The psychic-spiritual reader you have chosen will usually hold either a telephone or video-chat reading session. You should have already thought about what issues you would like guidance with, or any areas of life which are a struggle at the moment.

It’s important that you are very much part of the reading – as the guidance and insights your reader shares will help you to change your life. Always remember that a spiritual reading is about tapping into advice and ideas that will improve your life.

This kind of reading involves much more input from you, compared to a traditional psychic reading where the reader/medium will be sharing lots of information and speaking for a lot of the time.

So here’s the routine:

  • You prepare some topics to discuss or questions to ask before the session.
  • Your online spiritual reader will talk to you briefly to understand what you need help with.
  • The healer will tune in to the guiding spirits and angels and share their insight and advice.

What are spiritual readings?

Do you desperately want to get advice from a loved one who has passed on?online spiritual reading - angel woodland

Is there a problem that the Angels could help you deal with?

There are a few different kinds of spiritual readings around, so it’s good to be sure you know exactly what you are looking for before you make plans to have a reading.

One thing they all have in common is that the reader connects to the spirit world, who share their wisdom and important information which is then passed on to you. They may do this in a variety of ways.


Clairvoyance – getting messages straight from spirit

Cards – usually using an Angel Oracle

Crystals balls or water – the messages are visual and reflected in the surface

online spiritual reading - crystal ball

Who is a spiritual reading suitable for?

Everyone is welcome to seek out and experience a spiritual reading, but for the best results:

        ♦   Believe – or be open to – the idea of spirit guides

        ♦   Don’t be scared to hear messages directly from your deceased loved ones

        ♦   Look for guidance and suggestions to improve a situation, not a quick fix

        ♦   Be open to taking advice

What will a spiritual reading tell me?

A good spiritual reading session could reveal insights into how to solve difficult situations or overcome a problem in your life. It may also help you see things more clearly, or understand what was a mystery before.

Most people who look for an online spiritual reading are hoping to get answers to current dilemmas or find peace in their minds and hearts. However, for a truly meaningful experience it’s important you choose the right psychic spiritual reader for you, and that this is someone with proven experience and talent.

Choosing a well-recommended reader is always best, but even then they all have distinct styles. Some focus mainly on messages from the spirit world, others prefer to work with angels or cards. A really good spiritual reader will always draw you into the experience and encourage questions which help you connect.

The dos and don’ts of online spiritual readings

To make sure that a spiritual reading is the right choice for you take a look at these basic dos and don’ts.


Always have an open mind, even if the information given doesn’t mean much right now

Be prepared for your online appointment – write down questions ahead of time

Be honest – telling lies or not answering questions is a blocking technique

Do choose the right path. Spiritual readings are not about fortune telling, but tarot can be.


Go through with a session if you really don’t believe spirits can connect

Play games and expect the reader to read your mind. If you have any special requests or burning questions share them.

Types of spiritual reading

There are many ways to set up a spiritual reading, depending on the style you prefer and how much time you have free.

Some people like to have a face to face spiritual reading, but finding someone local who you connect well with, is highly recommended, definitely trustworthy, affordable and free when you are is not easy.

Most people choose to have an online spiritual reading as it is both convenient and affordable, plus many psychic spiritualists offer video and phone appointments so you can still experience real-time interaction. The most popular ways to have an online spiritual reading are:

  • Telephone
  • Video chat
  • Regular chat
  • Email

online spiritual reading - Dove

Are spiritual readings and tarot card readings the same?

These two types of readings are not the same, but they do have some things in common.

  • They both draw on psychic abilities to give you information and answers to important questions.
  • They may both use cards during a reading.

online spiritual readingOtherwise, they are quite different, so be sure you know which is best suited to your situation before you book with one or the other.

Psychic spiritual readings are great if you have a definite question or dilemma that you would like the angels, your spirit guide or someone from the spirit world to help you with. While a tarot card reading can only give you a more general idea of what is going on, but has the advantage of being able to make predictions.


How much does a spiritual reading cost?

Two main packages are on offer over at AskNow. Choose between 30 mins for $30 + 5 Elite/Master minutes free, or 20 minutes for $20. Oranum give you a 9.99 free credit balance when you register, making it easy to chat with different readers and find the perfect person for you.

The first 3 minutes of each Kasamba session with a new psychic-reader is free, with further time being charged at a flat rate per minute. This is a flexible way to enjoy a reading without being locked into a fixed time/fee session.

Fees for readings vary from $1 a minute to several dollars, and sometimes depend on the style of reading, say phone, chat or email. At Psychic Source you can always find a great introductory offer for first-time customers, often as low as $1 a minute, plus 3 minutes free. Buy a package of 20 minutes for $20, or 30 for $30.

How can I guarantee an accurate spiritual reading online?

Are there people out there who set up websites and offer spiritual readings even though they have no psychic-spiritual ability? Sadly, yes. There are also well-meaning people who want to help others but also lack the natural talent to do it properly. These readings are a waste of time and money, and at a time when you are looking for help they could even make you feel worse.

The best way to be sure you are going to get a genuine and accurate spiritual reading online is to use a reputable, verified site. Well established online psychic sites work with talented readers from all around the world. They are monitored, checked out, and reviewed by people like you who use their special services.

We recommend that to avoid disappointment you take a look at our partner websites when looking for a spiritual reader.

Kasamba has been providing many kinds of guidance services since 1999. From tarot and astrology readings to spiritual and psychic readers, the priority is to match you with the best advisor for you. This means you always 3 minutes free with anyone new – to be sure you genuinely connect. Real-time chat lets you and your reader actually see each other, which makes the experience very meaningful.

Joining is easy and safe, with a brief registration process and a choice of how you pay for the services provided – by either creating a balance on site or paying at the end of a session.

Top Kasamba spiritual readers include:

Teresa, whose 20 years of experience have made her a specialist in this field. She mainly works with romance related spiritual topics – so if your love life is in trouble this is the reader for you. 

Mioav is another very experienced online spiritual reader with many 5 star reviews and a lot of fans. As well as the first three minutes free you can also get 15% off her regular fee at the moment.

keen logo




Take a look at the expert spiritual readers available through Keen, you won’t be disappointed.

The pros and cons of an online spiritual reading


  • It’s very convenient. You can find a recommended reader pretty much 24/7 and you don’t even need to go out of the house.
  • There’s lots of choice. Browsing a reputable online website with a lot of healing spiritual advisors gives you the freedom to choose someone with great reviews and expertise in the area.
  • The results are good. Professional readers are able to relay meaningful and valuable information to you, direct from the spirit world. This is a great way to understand your life more clearly, and find direction if it is needed.
  • The prices are attractive. As well as free minutes when you register most online spiritual readers have reasonable rates, so you can book with confidence.


  • You may forget to ask something. Time can fly past, so without a prompt sheet you could miss asking a question.
  • Expanding on information. There’s a lot to take in and you may not think to ask at that time for more detail on something that is said.
  • There are no guarantees with the spirit world, so sometimes you may not get the depth or number of responses you hoped for.

Where can I find an accurate online spiritual reading?

There’s plenty of choice, so you don’t need to settle for a specialist site that doesn’t offer you an affordable but totally genuine experience.

We favour several sites because we know they take care to only work with legitimate, naturally gifted and very professional psychics, mediums, and readers. Plus you can browse at your leisure and read the reviews each person has.

We recommend you take a look at our partner websites, like Kasamba, around for nearly two decades and great rates, Keen, Psychic Source and Life Reader.

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